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Disable these settings in Windows 10 right now

<10> Windows 10 is one of the best operating systems ever introduced by Microsoft. But there are a number of settings that are recommended to disable in Windows 10. Let's take a look at these settings below.

Windows 11 is set to officially launch on PCs and laptops soon, but there are still more than 1 billion users running Windows 10. Some of these users have complete control over their Windows PC, but many of them have no idea what the default settings of Windows 10 are and what should be enabled or disabled. You may not believe it, but Windows 10, like other operating systems, has a number of settings that, if not disabled, may cause data collection, display of various ads and notifications, and even slow down the system.

If lower than Windows users You are from Windows 10, be sure to update it to the latest version, and when you have done this, it is recommended that you read this article to the end and disable the settings that we will introduce in the following on your system so that you can be safe , Speed and ease of use, be in good condition. The following 8 settings are enabled by default in Windows 10, so you should disable them. (Click on images to see larger size and higher quality).

1. File-sharing

BingMag.com Disable these settings in Windows 10 right now

One of the features added in Windows 10 is a system that allows you to update your updates from Download other Windows 10 PCs over the Internet (not just Microsoft servers). On the plus side, the user does not need to be connected to a Microsoft server, but the downside is that it can act as an update sharing hub for another computer.

This feature is included by default in Windows 10 It is enabled, but the user can disable it in the settings section of this operating system. All you have to do is follow the path below and finally disable the Allow downloads from other PCs option.

Settings> Update & security> Advanced options> Delivery optimization

2. Annoying Ads

BingMag.com Disable these settings in Windows 10 right now

Action Center or the Quick Settings Menu in Windows 10 is one of the most useful features of this operating system that allows users to Allows you to access a large portion of the settings you need without having to enter the main settings. But just like smartphones, notifications of various applications are sent to the user through the same panel, such as applications, reminders, recently installed applications, and so on. But filling in this part of the notifications is not a good thing at all and may confuse users. Especially if you receive irrelevant or unnecessary notifications, such as tips and tricks for using Windows 10.

This setting should be disabled in the notifications section, to do this you must first enter your main Windows settings and from On the other hand, in the system, notifications and activities section, disable the option to receive notifications from various applications. To be more precise, just follow the path below to access the relevant settings.

Settings> System> Notifications & actions

After entering this You can either disable receiving notifications altogether or disable specific notifications in the lower section so that you do not get too disturbed while doing important tasks.

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3. Start Menu Ads

BingMag.com Disable these settings in Windows 10 right now

Microsoft has given so much value to store apps in Windows 10 that it may even see apps in the Start menu Be that as it may, you have never seen or downloaded them before. These suggested apps, which also make the Start menu crowded, are nothing more than ads that you'd better disable.

Just go to Settings> Personalization> Start to disable this. Scroll to> and deactivate the Show suggestions occasionally in Start option. That way, no more ads will be displayed to you.

Targeted ads by third-party applications

BingMag.com Disable these settings in Windows 10 right now

Windows 10 applications If they are also displayed for advertising purposes, we know at least they are not very annoying. That we do not go too far or that information is not sent to us at all and as a result our privacy is not compromised. But in the case of third-party applications, this is a little different.

Microsoft works hard to customize the browser tabs or browsing experience in Windows 10 according to the user's habits and tastes, so much so that it's a promotional ID. It is linked to your account, with which Microsoft displays a series of targeted ads. That's not the whole story, because Microsoft also shares this ID with in-store third-party apps, which you can fortunately prevent.

To disable this option, go to Settings> Privacy> General Go and disable the Let apps use advertising ID option to make ads more interesting to you based on your app activity (Turning this off will reset your ID) . p>

5. Cortana trying to get to know you

BingMag.com Disable these settings in Windows 10 right now

If you're an old Windows 10 user, you'll definitely know Cortana. Voice Assistant has been on Windows or Windows Phone for many years, and if you are a fan of this artificial intelligence, it can really help you do a number of things. But the problem is that Cortana tries to get to know you better by gathering information about your handwriting, voice type, and typing history so that you don't have problems in future interactions. But this is a claim made by Microsoft because we have already seen that data collection by artificial intelligence may be used for other activities.

So if you want to disable this option go to Privacy> Inking & typing personalization and disable only the option in that area.

Applications running in the background

BingMag.com Disable these settings in Windows 10 right now

In Windows 10, there are many applications running in the background; This means that they are not even there at all, they still continue to operate in the background, which can have a negative effect, especially when you are using an older system. One of the effects of such a feature is that these applications can do almost anything they want; From receiving and sending information to sending notifications, downloading and installing updates, resulting in a reduction in bandwidth and, of course, a reduction in battery life. Therefore, it is recommended to disable it.

To disable this feature, just go to Settings> Privacy> Background apps and select Let apps run in the background . You can also turn this option on and instead block any application you want from running in the background, although it is recommended that you do the same first thing.

7. Not everything should be synced

BingMag.com Disable these settings in Windows 10 right now

Windows 10 generally values syncing. It tends to sync almost all the information from the password to the system settings, theme, search history, etc., which of course is very useful and good because the user stores all the information on their computer on another device. Will have the same account. But sometimes, for example, you may not want your browsing history on your phone to enter the computer. So this is where it decides to disable the sync settings, which also happens to be enabled by default.

Just go to Settings> Accounts> Sync your settings Go to and disable the various options you see in this menu. It is also possible to prevent this in general by turning off the Sync settings option.

8. Automatic Update

BingMag.com Disable these settings in Windows 10 right now

Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs updates, and this is definitely not something that many users are interested in Have. Of course, the Windows update is good and no one wants to do their job without the update, but it is not at all interesting that Windows downloads and installs these updates without permission and when we might not expect it.

In Windows 10 But if you go through the services menu, which can also be accessed through a local search in Windows itself, you can disable the download of any Windows-related updates altogether, but it is recommended that you do not do so because an up-to-date operating system , Is also a fast and secure operating system.

However, if you do not want Windows 10 to download and install updates without permission (you want to do it manually at the right time), it is enough. Go to Settings> Updates> Advanced options and select a date at the bottom of the Pause updates section for, say, 30 days later. No updates will be downloaded and installed automatically during this time. But keep in mind that after 35 days, if you do not update the system, you can no longer use this feature and delay the Windows update. So make smart decisions.

Source: Cnet

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