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With Dimensity 9000, MediaTek can finally compete with Qualcomm

BingMag.com With <b>Dimensity</b> <b>9000,</b> <b>MediaTek</b> <b>can</b> <b>finally</b> <b>compete</b> with Qualcomm

It seems that MediaTek has finally been able to produce a processor that is similar in terms of processing power and graphics to one of the best companies in this field, Qualcomm.

MediaTek recently unveiled its very powerful 4nm chip called the Dimensity 9000. The chip should actually be called MediaTek's first "really flagship" chip because it is quite similar to the powerful chip on the market, such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Generation 1, in terms of processing power, type of cores and manufacturing technology. It is even said that this chip is going to be used in the best phones on the market for 2022, because it is on par with Qualcomm's powerful representative.

If we want to share a common case between the powerful and famous flagships of 2021, Let's face it, it benefits from the Snapdragon 888 chip. The processor was officially unveiled late last year and became the first 5-nanometer chip to be used by Android companies in their flagships. These companies include Samsung, which used the processor in the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S21 series, Xiaomi in the May 11 series, OnePlus in the OnePlus 9 series, and many other companies that have been with Qualcomm for several years. The main suppliers of their handset chips are cooperating.

Of course, Qualcomm has been able to attract many users in the world famous markets such as India and China over the past few years due to its brilliant performance and famous brand. . In the meantime, companies such as Samsung and Huawei tried to challenge Qualcomm with their proprietary Exynos and HiSilicon chips, and the Snapdragon series chips, but this did not happen, but it made Qualcomm superior to them even more. Note:

This happened to MediaTek as well. As a mobile chip maker, it could not even compete with Samsung and Huawei. As a result, it could not be considered a worthy competitor to Qualcomm at all. But over the past few years, the company has become increasingly recognizable to users, thanks to its unparalleled pricing policy for powerful but high-quality chips, as well as the supply of mid-range chips. Although in 2017, with the introduction of the Helio X30 chip as the flagship, the company's reputation was completely questioned, but MediaTek did not give up and tried to make up for this failure.

BingMag.com With <b>Dimensity</b> <b>9000,</b> <b>MediaTek</b> <b>can</b> <b>finally</b> <b>compete</b> with Qualcomm

Taiwanese company tried to attract positive feedback from users for a few years by offering mid-range but powerful chips, until this year, or more precisely in early December (the same month). ) Unveiled its most powerful chip, the Dimensity 9000. With this chip, it seems that MediaTek intends to finally produce a flagship chip after years. This new chip is currently the best thing MediaTek could produce, as it uses the latest ARM technologies in its core design, and everything from the processor to the graphics, the neural engine and even the 5G modem is incredibly powerful and fast. .

In fact, if we look at the technology, we see that the Dimensity 9000 is quite similar to the Snapdragon 8 1st generation. Both chips use a core combination, and the technology for both is based on 4-nanometer lithography. Both chips feature the best and latest capabilities and technologies related to image processing, multimedia and wireless connectivity. You can see the specifications of both processors in more detail in the table below. strong> Lithography 4nm 4nm Number and type of core Eight cores - 1 + 3 + 4 - First core Cortex-X2 with a frequency of 3.55 GHz, 3 cores of the Cortex-A710 type with a frequency of 2.85 GHz, 4 cores of the Cortex-A510 type with a frequency of 1.8 GHz Eight cores - 1 + 3 + 4 - The first Cortex-X2 core with a frequency of 3 GHz, 3 Cortex-A710 cores with a frequency of 2.5 GHz, 4 Cortex-A510 cores with a frequency of 1.8 GHz strong> Graphics Mali-G710 MC10 Adreno 730 Display 180 Hz in + FHD resolution 144Hz in QHD + resolution and 60Hz in 4K resolution Machine learning APU 5.0 with six processing cores is a six-processor Helio M80 modems below 6 GHz Snapdragon X65 at below 6 GHz and millimeter wavelengths Camera One 320-megapixel camera, three 32-megapixel cameras, 8K video recording capability at 24fps One 200-megapixel camera, two 64- and 36-megapixel cameras, three cameras 36 megapixels, 8K video recording capability at 30 frames per second with HDR technology 8K playback quality with AV1, H.264, H.265, VP9 codecs > 8K with H.264, H.265, VP9 codecs RAM type LPDDR5X LPDDR5X Wireless connections Bluetooth 5.3, WiFi 6E Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6E

MediaTek's first attempt to build a flagship chip and compete with Qualcomm was catastrophic

BingMag.com With <b>Dimensity</b> <b>9000,</b> <b>MediaTek</b> <b>can</b> <b>finally</b> <b>compete</b> with Qualcomm

As mentioned, three years ago, the Taiwanese company Decided to make a flagship chip the size of Qualcomm's powerful chip. Of course, this chip could not be compared to what Qualcomm had produced at the time, but MediaTek was a developing company and it was natural for it to suffer many failures so that it could finally achieve what it wanted. Incidentally, the first attempt of this company also had a very bad result. MediaTek Helio X30 is the chip we are talking about. The processor uses 10 10-nanometer lithography-based processing cores, which was unprecedented at the time.

The chip that Qualcomm introduced at the time was the Snapdragon 835. A chip with eight processor cores but much more powerful than what MediaTek had launched. In fact, the main problem was that the MediaTek representative was getting very hot. So much so that the energy consumption was very high and as a result, the processing power was reduced. Interestingly, the Helio X30 did not last long and was completely forgotten shortly after its official unveiling. With the exception of the Meizu 7 series and the exclusive Chinese-market model Verni Apollo 2, MediaTek has not been able to persuade other companies to use its processor. Which failed to meet expectations. "Not only was the chip not optimally efficient, but it had a very weak LTE modem that could not even be considered close to what Qualcomm was equipped with. As a result, production of the Helio X30 declined, resulting in a major setback for MediaTek.

Early investment in 5G technology; The right policy that saved MediaTek

BingMag.com With <b>Dimensity</b> <b>9000,</b> <b>MediaTek</b> <b>can</b> <b>finally</b> <b>compete</b> with Qualcomm

After MediaTek failed to have much success with the Helio X30 Decided to try something new but more futuristic. They found that if they wanted to continue using LTE modems in their chips, they would not stand a chance against Qualcomm. As a result, they decided to use 5G modems in their chips in order to attract positive feedback from users. This forward-looking decision led MediaTek to capture a large portion of the market thanks to a number of mid-range and economical chips equipped with a 5G modem.

This decision increased the company's sales by three times in 2021.

According to Kundojjala, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, MediaTek could not compete with Qualcomm properly due to the lack of a powerful modem in its chips. But the company's correct policies enabled it to launch chips equipped with 5G technology as soon as it appeared in large countries such as China. The result was a tremendous year for the Taiwanese company, as it proved to everyone that they could design products in the size of a Qualcomm dealer.

This policy worked. MediaTek, which sold only 50 million chips in 2020, tripled that number by using a 5G modem in its chips. Even in 2020, a large portion of sales went to 5G chips. Of course, in the same year 2020, MediaTek was able to make a good profit because the company's 4G chips were sold at a price of $ 10, but the 50 chips were sold at three times the price, ie $ 30.

The main reason The fact that the company was able to have such a successful performance in 2021 was an excellent performance in the production of intermediate chips. Of course, MediaTek even marketed its powerful chips at a very competitive price to challenge Qualcomm and its powerful chips. The Dimensty 1200, for example, was one of the most powerful chips on the market this year, but it was used in handsets such as the OnePlus Rolled 2, Riley GT Neo, Redmi K40 Gaming Edition, Xiaomi 11T and Vivo X70 Pro, all of which were reasonably priced. . As a result, many users bought them and realized the high power and quality of the MediaTek chip.

Dimensity 9000 is MediaTek's first attempt to compete with Qualcomm's flagship

BingMag.com With <b>Dimensity</b> <b>9000,</b> <b>MediaTek</b> <b>can</b> <b>finally</b> <b>compete</b> with Qualcomm

After MediaTek made sure it had full control of the midrange with its powerful chips, it decided to unveil the Dimensity 9000 To be able to implement all its ambitions in the form of a 4-nanometer chip, and it succeeded. The fact that MediaTek has been successful in the economic sector may lead many to wonder why the Taiwanese company decided to enter the uptrend again when there were few competitors such as Samsung, Qualcomm and Apple in the market. Why didn't he continue to work in the same intermediate and economic sector and increase his successes?

There is a good justification for this. First, the Chinese company could not stay where profitability had begun, the middle and economic sectors, and had to thrive. Second, intermediate and economical chips do not bring much profit to the company. For example, the company receives about $ 30 for each of its 5G-enabled mid-range chips, while high-end chips sell for more than double that amount. In China, about 80 to 90 million high-end smartphones are sold, which MediaTek wants to increase its share of these flagships to double digits next year.

One of MediaTek's most powerful competitors in terms of chip production, it is not doing well at all due to sanctions. Although the company still managed to have about 40 million of the flagships sold in China, despite the high-quality P-Series and Mate handsets, this number is getting less and less. This company can no longer produce its own chips as before and therefore needs to partner with another company.

Among the chip companies, MediaTek is also the best choice because of its outstanding performance. It has chips in production and the price of its chips is very reasonable. Of course, the company has already supplied Huawei with mid-range and economical chips equipped with 4G internet, but it seems that next year it will also supply the beating heart of Huawei's high-end phones. Earlier, it was announced that the Dimensity 9000 would be used in the flagships of companies such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Redmi, but no name came from Huawei. But Strategy Analytics has a different view.

North America, the only inaccessible market for MediaTek

BingMag.com With <b>Dimensity</b> <b>9000,</b> <b>MediaTek</b> <b>can</b> <b>finally</b> <b>compete</b> with Qualcomm/p>

While MediaTek has excelled in chip manufacturing, it still fails in one of the most important and arguably most important phone markets. Of course, this does not mean that users are not satisfied with the company's chips. Have quality and speed. As the company's most powerful chip, the Dimensity 9000 only supports 5G internet below 6 GHz, while the 8th generation Snapdragon chip also supports the millimeter wavelength, which is the faster type of 5G internet.

MediaTek There is currently no specific focus on 5G internet wavelength technology, and while this has greatly reduced the complexity of production, in the long run it could be to the detriment of the Taiwanese company. Perhaps MediaTek, like Qualcomm, which makes a plus model of its flagship chip every year, may also launch a Plus model of the Dimensity 9000 that uses such technology.

MediaTek is still a pioneer. Araf does not use its chips, which means that it will have to face problems in the coming years. Because it has to rely on third-party companies like Qualcomm. Qualcomm also has a private sector that it can take advantage of to supply its Araf front. MediaTek has to do exactly the same thing in order to be fully established as an independent and powerful chip maker worldwide.

MediaTek is currently focusing on the Chinese and Indian markets and wants to use From the European market, grow even more. At the moment, the North American market is inaccessible to the company because of what has been said, so much so that it thinks about the state of the Internet. Of course, in these existing markets, advanced technologies will soon be used, and that is where MediaTek must once again be able to adapt to the needs of the people very soon. Otherwise, after all this progress, it will fail. Of course, the Dimensity 9000 has already beaten the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 in some areas, and even appears in the size of Apple's unique A15 chip. This is not something that every chip company can achieve. This is why there is currently no shortage of specific features on the chip, but if MediaTek continues to grow, a bright future awaits the company.

Source: Android Central

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