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Did you know; There is a conspiracy theory about selling Nokia to Microsoft

BingMag.com Did you know; There is a conspiracy theory about selling Nokia to Microsoft

Yesterday was the anniversary of the sale of Nokia's mobile division to Microsoft, which in 2013 under a contract worth 5.4 billion euros (more than 7 billion dollars) This assignment was made. As you probably know, Nokia is one of the most important companies in the history of mobile, and with this multi-billion dollar contract, Microsoft managed to get a lot of important experts and patents. Unfortunately, these two companies compete in the field. They failed with Android and iOS. Microsoft completely withdrew from the mobile market in 2017, but in 2020 introduced the Android phone Surface Duo. But in this article, we are not going to point out the reasons for the failure of this cooperation, but we are going to deal with one of the strange conspiracy theories about Nokia's sale to Microsoft.

Microsoft infiltration in Nokia? </</h2>

BingMag.com Did you know; There is a conspiracy theory about selling Nokia to Microsoft

One of the weird conspiracy theories about this The deal is that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was a Microsoft influencer at the company. The conspiracy theory actually appeared before Nokia sold it to Microsoft.

A participant in MWC 2011 Nokia and Microsoft (who announced their initial collaboration) asked Mr. Elop if he was a horse. Is it Troy? Nokia CEO denied this, saying that the entire leadership team of the company has agreed to work with Microsoft. Of course, when a person asks such a question, it does not get much attention, but when this theory was raised by several Nokia employees, the popularity of this theory increased.

BingMag.com Did you know; There is a conspiracy theory about selling Nokia to Microsoft

The Global Post first reported in October 2011 (more than eight months after Nokia and Microsoft began working on Windows Phone) on the allegations. "Nokia employees ask, 'Is the CEO of Nokia an influential person in Microsoft?' Published. "I think Microsoft is waiting for Nokia's stock to fall a little bit more and then take over the company," a Nokia employee told the newspaper. Of course, this finally happened in 2013. Another employee said: "This situation seems very suspicious to me. "If the CEO is looking for the success of the company, why is he trying to destroy it and lower the stock price?"

It stands on a "shaky platform." On the other hand, before Nokia, Elop was the head of Microsoft's business division, which included subdivisions such as Microsoft Office.

BingMag.com Did you know; There is a conspiracy theory about selling Nokia to Microsoft

Of course, Nokia was at a crossroads during this period. Symbian OS was outdated and did not work well for touch screens. The company also spent a lot of money on the proprietary MeeGo operating system, which, after several years of trying, introduced its first handset in 2011.

Alope was not a penetrating agent

But is this conspiracy theory really rooted? Well, regardless of Mr. Alope's own answer, we can refer to a book published by two Finnish journalists in 2014.

BingMag.com Did you know; There is a conspiracy theory about selling Nokia to Microsoft

The authors of this book write in part:" After more than a hundred interviews, we are absolutely convinced of one thing; There is no basis for any conspiracy on the part of Mr. Alope. Elop was not a Trojan horse. Microsoft has not sent him to Nokia with the intention of buying Nokia Mobile at a lower price. "Our interviews show no indication that such a thing is possible." In addition, a number of key Microsoft personalities, such as Bill Gates and Satya Nadella, who became CEO a few years later, have strongly opposed the purchase of Nokia.

But in the meantime, in another section "Elop has been, if not the worst, in many ways one of the worst CEOs in the world," the book says. The authors note that Nokia was valued at 29.5 billion a day before the launch of Elop, and at the time of the announcement of Microsoft's acquisition, the value of the company had reached 11.1 billion. They also criticized Elop's one-sided approach to smartphones instead of multilateralism. For example, Samsung at that time offered Android phones, based on Windows Phone and even with Bada operating system.

BingMag.com Did you know; There is a conspiracy theory about selling Nokia to Microsoft

In any case, this theory still has supporters. Mr. Elop has been the CEO of Telstra, headquartered in Australia, since 2016. After Microsoft sold the Nokia brand to HMD Global, Telstra is now one of the operators working with HMD. That's why some people still believe that Mr. Alope is trying to destroy HMD as well.

In 2017, a reporter asked the then CEO of HMD about this, to which he replied with a laugh: " "I have no idea, you should ask Stephen Alope."

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