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Details of SpaceX's plan to build an alpha base on Mars have been announced

For the first time, SpaceX has partnered with researchers at NASA and several other US institutes to publicly explain how to use StarShape to build the alpha Mars base.

Apart from a handful of scattered comments about SpaceX and the main focus of its CEO, Elon Musk, Starship itself, the company's executives are almost never They have not specifically talked about how to use next-generation fully recoverable rockets to build a permanent human base on Mars.

In most cases, it is difficult to clearly focus on how to cross short-term obstacles. Half a century of largely theoretical analysis has clearly shown that it is impossible to establish a permanent human base on Mars without drastically reducing the cost of space access. For decades, NASA has been studying various versions of a plan that would cost hundreds of billions of dollars to send several astronauts to Mars simultaneously for months.

Simply put, without a revolution in the field of Space transport is impossible, even with a temporary human presence on Mars, whose inhabitants will be largely dependent on imported goods from Earth; Unless Mars exploration becomes a national or international priority, investing tens of billions of dollars a year.

Studies and space agencies have explored what this revolution could be like, and therefore SpaceX is not unique in providing a solution to an old problem.

But this company is the first part of a long list of claimants that not only It offers a solution to move in this direction, but also invests significant resources in it and works hard to make this vision a reality.

BingMag.com <b>Details</b> of <b>SpaceX's</b> <b>plan</b> to <b>build</b> an <b>alpha</b> <b>base</b> on <b>Mars</b> <b>have</b> been announced

Preparation of SpaceX supership and rocket in Boca Chica for the first orbital test
Credit: NASA Space Flight <//p>

Two years after SpaceX announced its intention to build the next generation of space transport system, Ilan Mask showed a fundamental change in design and work on the prototype. Steelmaking started. Three years later, SpaceX successfully passed nine Starship test flights, including four short jumps and five flights over 10 km.

In 2021 alone, SpaceX completed four of those high-altitude flight tests. Performed and, for the first time, recovered a prototype from a high-altitude test safely, built the first orbital-class spacecraft and prototype of a rocket booster, began testing it, and almost completed the first Starship orbital launch pad. SpaceX also won a $ 2.9 billion NASA contract to build a human lunar lander under the Artemis program. However, this success was accompanied by challenges, and even delays in its development, as well as complaints from competitors, delayed the plan to return man to the moon by 2025.

Simply put, SpaceX and now NASA alongside it, They have laid a solid foundation on which Starship will almost certainly travel to Mars. Although much remains to be done, SpaceX has more or less overcome many of the major technical hurdles it faced a few years ago in developing the initial ITS or BFR, and the current startup.

Starship Flight has fully demonstrated that missile structures, avionics systems, Raptor engines, strange approach and landing methods, and selected fuel that has not previously been tested in flight are now ready for orbital flight.

However, SpaceX It also needs to demonstrate Starship's massive, ceramic, non-erosive heat shield technology, complement orbital rocket refueling methods and technologies, and finally operate all of the above to deliver a fast, reusable launch and refueling of the largest missile in history. Become normal and everyday. What SpaceX has proven with its Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 rocket is capable of doing it.

BingMag.com <b>Details</b> of <b>SpaceX's</b> <b>plan</b> to <b>build</b> an <b>alpha</b> <b>base</b> on <b>Mars</b> <b>have</b> been announced

Graphic design of the Starship spacecraft entering the dilute atmosphere of Mars
Credit: SpaceX

Towards the Red Planet

SpaceX Experts from NASA's Ames, SETI, and half of America's top universities and institutes provide the exact answer to this question in the 2021 White Paper published for the next Decade of Planetary Research and Astrology at the National Academies. While this decade-long scan alone could affect NASA's plans, the agency prepares to chart its next decade's space science plan and budget tens of billions of dollars in government, with far-reaching results. They will be together, but SpaceX has also used this letter to describe its plans for early missions to Mars in unprecedented detail.

As always As planned, SpaceX will carry out the process of building sustainable cities on Mars in a few (relatively) simple steps. In the mid-2020s, SpaceX will likely launch a drone launch of Starship spacecraft to both confirm the system's final completion and readiness, and to deliver a significant amount of cargo before humans reach the surface of Mars.

Relying on a wide range of robotic activities, these initial missions are likely to help SpaceX deliver local resources, stage equipment, test technologies for long-term Martian surface operations, and begin infrastructure development, including a power plant that may be most urgently needed. Will be, organize. None of this is surprising, but there are more.

According to the authors, which include several current and former SpaceX engineers, the current SpaceX mission plan, which refers to unmanned cargo missions, provides equipment for Increased power generation, water extraction, production of liquid oxygen oxidizer and methane fuel, pre-prepared landing platforms, protection against harmful radiation, dust control equipment, outdoor shelters for humans and equipment, and more including all the hardware needed to support the first Provides a human base.

In addition to confirming what has been thought for years in the SpaceX project, humans are likely to live on StarShip spacecraft for the first few years until additional habitats are built. The first group of drones can also be used to support humans on the surface, as valuable assets for storage, housing, scientific laboratories and a source of structures and pure metal resources needed to relocate or change use.

BingMag.com <b>Details</b> of <b>SpaceX's</b> <b>plan</b> to <b>build</b> an <b>alpha</b> <b>base</b> on <b>Mars</b> <b>have</b> been announced

Graphic design of the first Starship spacecraft on the surface of Mars
Credit : SpaceX

This "white paper" also states that SpaceX is heavily developing a startup for initial test flights to Mars in 2022 or 2024, with the possibility of even launching the first startups to Mars before the first rocket. Increases the direction of the moon. So then, while SpaceX is carrying out a separate mission to the moon and landing a different star on the moon, Mars spacecraft will be coming to the planet.

This is the first time SpaceX or acquaintances With the company's plans, the basics of the first manned and unmanned starfish missions to Mars have been clearly articulated, and this explanation confirms many previous speculations.

For example, it seems that SpaceX intends even the first Combine spacecraft going to Mars with special equipment so that even if a large number of them do not return to Earth, the first Martian spacecraft to go into space in groups of 10 to 20 with more than 100 tons of cargo can be recovered from all recovered starships. Use habitats, raw material storage facilities, and pre-established warehouses.

Primary shipments will focus on power, water and fuel generation, as well as shelters, radiation protection, and ready-made landing platforms. Not surprisingly, early inhabitants of Mars may have chosen the starfish that take them to Mars as their first home on the Red Planet, and from a 1,100-cubic-meter volume equipped to keep dozens of people alive deep in space, their first home for months. Use yourself on the surface of the Red Planet.

  • See the plan for the first Martian city with 250,000 citizens

Cover photo: Graphic design of the SpaceX human base on Mars
Credit: SpaceX

Source: Teslarati

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