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The design of the Lenovo Ligen Y90 was seen in an official teaser

BingMag.com The <b>design</b> of the <b>Lenovo</b> <b>Ligen</b> <b>Y90</b> was <b>seen</b> in an <b>official</b> teaser

Lenovo recently released a teaser on the social network Weibo, which showed the design of the gaming phone expected by the company, Lenovo Ligen Y90. <//> Lenovo has been focusing on gaming handsets for a number of years, and it is doing very well in this area. The handsets of this series are known as Lijen, which also have different models. But it seems that the Chinese company is going to unveil a model called Y90 soon. This is because we recently saw the release of an official teaser from the company that featured the design of the Lenovo Ligen Y90. It will also be unveiled on January 1. In fact, we should have seen it unveiled last week. But it did not happen as you know it. While we wait for the official announcement of the unveiling and release of this phone, Lenovo shared another video on Weibo to let users get acquainted with the design of the Y90 Mud.

According to what this video shows, Lenovo Ligen Y90 has a flat design. Of course, the screen of this phone is flat, but its corners are designed to be curved. Familiar design commonly seen in gaming phones. The amount of product margins in all sections is very low, which adds to its beauty. The selfie camera of this phone is embedded in the upper frame of the phone and next to the speaker speaker holes. The back panel of the product is nothing but a large module in the middle that includes the cameras, flash and a Y-shaped light logo. As always, the antenna lines are embedded in the frame of the phone, which indicates the metal structure of the product.

BingMag.com The <b>design</b> of the <b>Lenovo</b> <b>Ligen</b> <b>Y90</b> was <b>seen</b> in an <b>official</b> teaser

Ligen Y90 should naturally be marketed with Android 12, but if this does not happen, it is not surprising. However, the user interface of this phone is ZUI, which, if the machine translation of Lenovo's statements about it is correct, will be accompanied by a series of new capabilities to improve the gaming experience. Of course, such capabilities are necessary for any gaming phone, because if it is not, it can no longer be called gaming.

Earlier, Lenovo had officially announced that the Y90 will be accompanied by a twin-engine cooling system, which Ensures the cool performance of this product in playing games for a long time. Unfortunately, this phone was not released to give us a chance to test all the claims, but it seems that this will happen very soon. Other features include a 6.92-inch display with E4 AMOLED panel, 720Hz touch modeling rate, HDR content support, and a 1st generation Snapdragon 8 processor. There are definitely other things that we expect to see more information about in the coming days or at most at the launch of this product.

Source: GSMArena

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