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The design of Hyundai Ioniq 6 has reduced the force of air resistance to the lowest level

BingMag.com The <b>design</b> of <b>Hyundai</b> <b>Ioniq</b> 6 has <b>reduced</b> the <b>force</b> of <b>air</b> <b>resistance</b> to the <b>lowest</b> level

A presentation of Hyundai Ioniq 6 shows that this company has minimized the air resistance force (Drag) in it with the unique design of this electric car.

Hyundai's compact SUV "Ioniq 5" started the range of all-electric cars of this company in the best possible way. This car managed to win several 2022 car of the year awards, was pre-sold everywhere and overall made a great impression with its angular, neat and spacious design, high performance and power range along with its competitive price.

Now, the company has released a first look at its second hard-hitting album, Ioniq 6. This version is built on the same E-GMP battery architecture, and the Ionic 6 is a sedan, like the 5, it uses a stylish design and four doors, but its curved and Porsche-like appearance is definitely a change from the sharp angles in the Ionic SUV. 5.

BingMag.com The <b>design</b> of <b>Hyundai</b> <b>Ioniq</b> 6 has <b>reduced</b> the <b>force</b> of <b>air</b> <b>resistance</b> to the <b>lowest</b> levelBingMag.com The <b>design</b> of <b>Hyundai</b> <b>Ioniq</b> 6 has <b>reduced</b> the <b>force</b> of <b>air</b> <b>resistance</b> to the <b>lowest</b> level

But this curved appearance is designed for a specific reason. has been The aerodynamic characteristics of the integrated curvature of the Ionic 6 has caused a significant drag reduction factor of up to 0.21 in this car. A figure that brings it to some of the production cars with the lowest drag in the world, especially "Lucid Air" (Lucid Air), which has recently achieved an impressive distance of 832 km.

The aerodynamic design of this car includes It gets a low nose, active front flaps, wheelbase reducers, a small rear wing, optional low-drag camera mirrors, and a fully covered floor. But what does this design mean for the range of the car? Although the full specifications will not be announced until next month, but with these features we certainly expect it to be very efficient on the highway.

BingMag.com The <b>design</b> of <b>Hyundai</b> <b>Ioniq</b> 6 has <b>reduced</b> the <b>force</b> of <b>air</b> <b>resistance</b> to the <b>lowest</b> levelBingMag.com The <b>design</b> of <b>Hyundai</b> <b>Ioniq</b> 6 has <b>reduced</b> the <b>force</b> of <b>air</b> <b>resistance</b> to the <b>lowest</b> level

If you want a completely bio-sustainable car, you can order it with seat covers made from recycled bottles, bio-based paints made from vegetable oils and soles made from recycled fishing nets.

The full specifications and features of the Ioniq 6 electric car will be revealed when it is launched in July, and only time will tell if the market accepts the Ioniq's new look.

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Photos: Hyundai Ionic 6
Credit: Hyundai

Source: New Atlas

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