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The depths of the earth are cooling faster than previously thought

BingMag.com The <b>depths</b> of the <b>earth</b> are <b>cooling</b> <b>faster</b> <b>than</b> <b>previously</b> thought

Scientists have found that, like Mars and Mercury, earth is cooling and inactivating much faster than previously thought.

  • The earth is spinning faster and faster

The thermal conductivity of minerals can be the answer to this question. This thermal conductivity of the minerals forms the boundary between the core and the Earth's mantle. In this boundary layer, the semi-solid rocks of the Earth's mantle are in direct contact with the iron-nickel molten outer core of the planet. Due to the large temperature difference between the two layers, a lot of heat must flow in this range, which is composed of the mineral "Bridgmanite".

However, because the possibility of very experimental study It is difficult to estimate how much of this mineral conducts heat from the nucleus to the mantle. But scientists at the University of Zurich (ETH) have developed a sophisticated measurement system that enables them to measure the thermal conductivity of Bergmanite in the laboratory under the pressure and temperature of the ground. This system is a measurement of light absorption in a diamond unit that is heated by a laser pulse.

BingMag.com The <b>depths</b> of the <b>earth</b> are <b>cooling</b> <b>faster</b> <b>than</b> <b>previously</b> thought

Deep earth Simulation Experiment
Credit: Murakami M, et al, 2021

"This system," said ETH professor Motohiko Murakami. The measurement allows us to find that the thermal conductivity of the bigmanite is about 1.5 times higher than previously assumed. This shows that the heat flow from the core to the mantle is also higher than previously thought. "

" The earth cools faster. "This may cause the Earth's plate tectonics, which is proportional to the convective movements of the mantle and continues, to slow down faster than the researchers expected based on previous values of thermal conductivity."

  • Earthquakes may be due to increased quantum phase change in the depths of the earth

Scientists have also shown that rapid cooling of the mantle changes stable mineral phases at the core-mantle boundary. . Upon cooling, the bergamanite becomes a "post-perovskite" mineral. It accelerates because this mineral transfers heat even better than brigmanite. "Our results could provide a new perspective on the evolution of earth dynamics," Murakami said. "Based on these findings, the Earth, like other rocky planets, including Mercury and Mars, is cooling and extinguishing much faster than expected."

How long do they last in the mantle? "Because we do not yet have enough information about these types of events to be able to determine their timing."

Source: Tech Explorist

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