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Demo DigiNext event was held; Launching platform for innovative startups

BingMag.com <b>Demo</b> <b>DigiNext</b> <b>event</b> was <b>held;</b> <b>Launching</b> <b>platform</b> for <b>innovative</b> startups

DigiNext, Digitala's e-commerce innovation and investment arm, held its Demo Day event in 1401. In this 6-hour event, which took place on Wednesday last week, the startups present at DigiNext introduced their startups and presented their innovative achievements to attract investors to the audience. In the middle of this event, a panel entitled "Challenge of Innovation in Internet Businesses" was held in the presence of senior executives of BingMag, CEO of Javaneh Group and CEO of the platform "People of the Future".

Business Innovation Challenge; From Migration to Investment Security

BingMag.com <b>Demo</b> <b>DigiNext</b> <b>event</b> was <b>held;</b> <b>Launching</b> <b>platform</b> for <b>innovative</b> startups

Hamid Mohammadi, CEO and co-founder of BingMag in the Business Innovation Challenge Panel Asked what the purpose of Launching DigiNext was and what he has achieved so far for the BingMag collection, the Internet said: "It was hard work, and that was the reason we set up DigiNext." Better quality, it began to meet the organization's infrastructure needs, including logistics infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and to meet the needs of digital goods to better serve customers and pave the way for the emergence of new unicorns in the Iranian e-commerce market.

platform to be like a Lego and offer different services. In this regard, Mahmoud Karimi, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Vice President of Investment of Diginext, while praising BingMag for Launching Diginext, stated that the same thing is done by BingMag in giant companies such as Facebook and Google, and these two companies are to benefit their shareholders. Invest in innovative ways.

One of the challenges raised in this panel was the issue of benchmarking and imitating foreign startups in Iran, which Arian Afshar, the investment director of Javaneh Group, considered positive and said that The development of businesses in this way in various industries can be helpful for the country and pave the way for further development in the future.

The closure of the country is the main reason for the migration of talents

BingMag.com <b>Demo</b> <b>DigiNext</b> <b>event</b> was <b>held;</b> <b>Launching</b> <b>platform</b> for <b>innovative</b> startups

But the phenomenon of migration was also one of the important topics of this panel. Saeed Mohammadi, co-founder and CEO of BingMag, described the closure of the country as an important reason for the wave of migration between talent and elite, saying: "We are a closed country that is not exposed to various waves of technology. Nevertheless, I consider work and study migration to be a blessing. I believe that we have the necessary platform to activate and meet the needs of talents to stay in the country. "So maybe it would be better to plan in such a way that both space is provided for talents to stay in Iran, and some prefer to go abroad, learn and one day return to the country."

Saeed Mohammadi also said If we establish our country's interaction with the world and do not build a wall around ourselves, we will be exposed to technological waves much more and better than before. Asked how much the migration phenomenon has affected BingMag, Saeed Mohammadi said: "The issue is somewhat serious, but at least for companies that still have good capacities and attractive areas to work, it has not reached a critical point and we hope it suffers from this scourge." In response to the question why many Iranian startups do not move on the edge of technology, Saeed Mohammadi also said that there are investors in Iran, but there is no investment security: "If this feeling of security is created, It will be followed by the necessary money and capital, and then we can expect to move to the edge of technology. "

Hamid Mohammadi also commented on the phenomenon of migration, saying:" Our country in the years The latter is in its most closed situation in history, and we no longer have the enthusiasm that was in the startup ecosystem a few years ago, and the flow of investors to the country as before. "The minds of decision-makers in our country have reached the most closed state possible." Mohammadi continued his speech while criticizing this approach, adding that the lack of interaction with other countries is one of the major problems of our country that has accelerated the migration process.

From warehousing bots to Persian smart assistant

BingMag.com <b>Demo</b> <b>DigiNext</b> <b>event</b> was <b>held;</b> <b>Launching</b> <b>platform</b> for <b>innovative</b> startups

One of the most important parts of the Demo event is the presentation of startups invested by It was DigiNext. In this section, the representative of each startup in a five-minute presentation to describe the activities and He paid tribute to his team's achievements, and at the end, by introducing team members and demonstrating communication channels, he invited investors from all over the country to invest in their startups.

Which included the following list:

  • Startup Robovir with the introduction of Robovir platform for robot management and intelligent storage, as well as the introduction of Signor warehousing robot
  • Aptime in the field of fleet management with artificial intelligence
  • Startup Usicent in the field of development of Persian smart assistant
  • Startup Macovision
  • Startup Carpo In the field of driver behavior analysis
  • Startup Degino in Security and fraud detection in digital marketing campaigns
  • Startup closet in the field of smart locker to receive mail
  • Startup Byticle in Education and management Financial in the markets
  • Startup Mosquine in the field of blockchain gaming
  • Startup Rira in the field of health based on artificial intelligence li>
  • Startup Looppoint in the field of urban data collection with playfulness
  • Startup edit in the field of monitoring and analysis of sports movements with smart applications
  • Startup Missley in the field of beauty
  • Startup Rokotek in the field of making interactive smart showcases

for More information about the Demo Day event and the participating startups can be found on the DigiNext website.

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