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With the delivery of the latest Airbus A380 aircraft, the production line of the sky giants came to an end

With the delivery of the latest Airbus A380 aircraft built to Emirates Airlines, the production line of these sky giants came to an end.

The latest Airbus A380 aircraft (Airbus A380) to Emirates Airlines as the main customer It was delivered and thus the production of this wide-body aircraft was stopped. The end of an era for this superjumbo, once considered the future of aviation, was eventually phased out by airlines for using smaller, more cost-effective aircraft. Arrives in London on Thursday With the A6-EVS register and will soon be part of the Emirates fleet.

While the A380 is a favorite of many pilots and passengers, But that era ended in 2019, when Airbus announced plans to discontinue production due to disappointing demand for its flagship aircraft.

  • Airbus A380 Emirates
    Credit: Christian Charisius/Picture Alliance/Getty Images

    However, the aircraft was never operated by airlines as Airbus had hoped. The A380 is usually only used for long distances. It is also less environmentally friendly than smaller, more modern models.

    In 2020 and 2021, the epidemic impact on the aviation industry caused most of the world's A380 fleet to sink. Lufthansa's decision to suspend its A380 flight prompted the Super Jumbo fleet to retire permanently, while AirFrance retired its latest A380.

    Airlines, however, seem to be realizing the A380's continued popularity, and have therefore slowly returned to the flight schedules of some airlines after controlling the corona epidemic.

    According to Siva Govindasami "Some people only book the A380 for flight," said Siva Govindasamy, Singapore's director of global affairs, when announcing the company's plans in recent months. The UAE has retired its first A380 aircraft, passengers will still be able to enjoy the A380 travel experience in the years to come. The head of the airline announced that the A380 is a vital pillar of the airline's airline flight plans and will remain a product of the UAE flagship for years to come. Will remain.

    Cover photo and video: delivery of the latest Airbus A380 produced to Emirates Airlines as the company's Jumbojet No. 123
    Credit: Airbus/Emirates

Source: CNN

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