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Delivery of the first Airbus A220 Air France aircraft; From factory to flight

As part of the airline's efforts to modernize its fleet with new and less expensive jets, Air France delivered the first of 60 Airbus A220 aircraft.

Reducing pollution and low fuel consumption from These are the things that the world's airlines are paying close attention to today. Air France has also decided to completely modernize its fleet to move in this direction.

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Now a small, low-consumption member of the Airbus family, the A220, is now available to the airline. The A220, with F-HZUA registration number, is called "Le Bourget" and indicates the return of Air France to the process of naming aircraft based on the names of cities.

With reduced travel during the epidemic Corona, the airlines have suffered a lot, and the effort to modernize the fleet is a big step towards rebuilding the industry. "The order for 60 A220s represents an investment that we have maintained despite the financial crisis," said Ben Smith, CEO of Air France-Kialham, at the unveiling of the new aircraft. According to Airbus, ordering 60 A220-300 aircraft is the largest order of this model of aircraft among European airlines. The Airbus A220 Air France has 148 seats in a single-class configuration and also supports Wi-Fi and USB connectivity for each seat. And its fuel consumption is 20% lower. The aircraft also emits 20% less carbon emissions than previous models in the Air France fleet./ul>

Air France plans to fully service this aircraft model in its fleet by 2025, replacing the A318 with an average age of about 16 years, the A319 with an average age of about 20 years, and some A320 models. With an average age of about 12 years. The airline has also delivered 11 Airbus A350s out of 38 ordered for its long-range fleet. That Air France has started to win again in its short-range network. "This is a busy and ambitious program that will help our customers experience a better competitive environment." will be. The aircraft is scheduled to fly to various European destinations such as Barcelona, Madrid, Bologna, Rome, Venice and Copenhagen.

Cover Photo: First Airbus A220 Air France
Credit: Airbus


Sources: Airbus, Aero Time

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