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Dedicated cycling routing is added to Google Maps

BingMag.com Dedicated cycling routing is added to Google Maps

To help with sustainable development, Google plans to add a simple navigation section to Google Maps focusing on cyclists routing.

Google Maps has been showing bike routes on a map for years, but it does not have a dedicated navigation mode for those who like to travel by bike between origin and destination. But now Google is going to add this feature to the map with a new section called "Lite Navigation".
  • Navigation feature Google Map has been activated in Iran

This new feature uses the step-by-step or winding routing feature known as Google Map, allowing users to keep their phone screen on without having to turn it on. See important details of your current trip, including in the notifications section. Also, to use this feature, you do not need to enter the map navigation mode completely, and it is possible for the user to see the speed and altitude changes at a glance.

BingMag.com Dedicated cycling routing is added to Google Maps

The main description of cycling in the notifications section
Credit: Google

Google Introduces Light Navigation As part of its broader effort for sustainable development. So, as expected, this is not the only feature introduced for cyclists, and the company has also mapped out detailed information on shared bikes and scooters in 300 cities around the world.

For those still in their cars The eco-routing that Google announced at the end of March is now available in the United States. By launching the simple routing feature of Google Map, in addition to the fastest route, it shows the most optimal route in terms of fuel consumption to reach the destination.

If the user chooses the most optimal route, this software also displays the amount of fuel saved. will give. According to Google, this feature can prevent the entry of 1 million tons of carbon pollutants into the atmosphere annually. This is roughly equivalent to removing 200,000 vehicles from the roads.

The company is expected to launch eco-friendly trails in European countries by 2022. It should be noted that despite the definition of bike-friendly lanes on many roads in Iran on Google Maps, the related layer is not yet available in Iran and we will have to wait for future Google updates in this regard.

  • New Google Map Update will show how crowded the neighborhoods are

Cover Photo: Google Maps New Lightweight Navigation Mode

Source: Engadget

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