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The currency code of the "Combined Game" series defrauded users of $ 3 million

BingMag.com The currency code of the 'Combined Game' series defrauded users of $ 3 million

If you have been following the news of the world of cryptocurrencies in recent days, you have witnessed the emergence of a cryptocurrency inspired by the composite game series. The Korean series produced by Netflix and in a short time became the most popular series on this platform and broke many records. But it soon became clear that the cryptocurrency was just a big scam. It recorded 310,000 percent and its value reached more than $ 2,800. The currency was not officially approved by Netflix, however, due to the popularity of the compound game series, it was able to gain good popularity among users.

In fact, this currency was supposed to be a prerequisite for the online game that will be released soon. . The game is inspired by the story of the series, in which debtors are forced to participate in a deadly game and gamble on their lives to achieve great wealth.

But on Monday, the value of each Quinn The digital currency plummeted to $ zero, its website disappeared, and its Twitter account was blocked. As Gizmodo explains, the creators of the $ SQUID $ cryptocurrency suddenly deceived users and disappeared after receiving $ 38.3 million. This event is known in the world of currency codes as Rug pull.

BingMag.com The currency code of the 'Combined Game' series defrauded users of $ 3 million

Of course, there are several signs that The project was a scam, but the greed of the users caused them to ignore it or not notice it. Given that Netflix had promised that an online game would also be based on the composite game series, some may have moved to the currency given Netflix's credibility. Gizmodo mentions the tokens, which are really strange to ignore, such as the fact that the currency code website was full of grammatical and spelling errors and that users who bought the currency coins were not allowed to sell them./p>

  • Netflix seeks to make composite game video game

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a currency code has been launched based on a popular phenomenon. And he cheats on them, and it certainly won't be the last time. Some time ago, this year, another currency code was released based on the popular Mandalorian series of Disney Plus streaming service, which eventually turned out to be a scam. Other financial markets require more care and learning, and not every currency can be trusted.

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