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Cross the border of personalization on your Galaxy with Samsung Good Lock

Samsung Good Lock is the Korean company's proprietary app to further customize the user interface of the Galaxy family of phones and tablets, providing more features than the One UI UI. You put. With this app you will have access to a level of personalization that is usually not available by default in the user interface of Android phones.

What is Samsung Good Lock?

Samsung's proprietary Good Lock app To redesign the appearance of Galaxy series devices. With this app, you can customize all parts of the user interface, such as the home screen, Lock screen, recent apps menu, clock faces, quick settings panel, and more.

What sets Good Lock apart from other Android personalization apps It is distinguished by the large number of possibilities and their coordination with each other. All the changes you make with this app are compatible with the One UI interface and look like its default features. Also, Samsung updates the app every year to support the latest version of One UI.

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How to download Samsung Good Lock?

Good Lock is available through Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store, but unfortunately due to sanctions imposed on our country, it can be accessed normally for Iranian users are not available. In order to be able to download this app from the Samsung Galaxy Store, you must first remove your SIM card from the phone, connect the phone to WiFi and activate the VPN. Then hold your finger on the Galaxy Store icon for a few seconds until a new menu appears, at the top right of this menu you will see the option that you have to select. After that, enter the Storage section and select the Clear cache and Clear data options.

After completing these steps, close the app completely and open it again, and search and install Good Lock in it. After installing Good Lock, you can start the personalization by logging in to the app. If after a while you have trouble working with this app, it is better to perform the same steps for Good Lock as you deleted the cache and Data of the Galaxy Store.

How from Samsung Good Use Lock?

After installing and opening this application, you will encounter a list of downloadable modules such as HomeUp, LockStar, MultiStar, etc., each of which targets a specific part of the software and includes settings. personalization is for that section.

Once you have selected the download for each module, you will be taken to a dedicated page in the Galaxy Store to download the app for that module, which is best enabled with a VPN and Wi-Fi connection. Do this. After approving the module and giving it the required permissions, you can start customizing. Good Lock currently offers 15 modules, but it is said that in the future, with the release of new versions of One UI, the number of these modules will change.

5 Good Lock application modules that you should use

Some Good Lock modules are more useful than others, and you do not need to download all of them to get the most out of this personalizer. The following is a brief introduction to the 5 Good Lock functional modules that are worth trying:

Home Up

Many Samsung fans believe that Home Up is the best Good Lock module possible. Provides customization of various sections such as homepage, folders, backup, sharing management and Recent apps page (called Task Changer).

One of the cool features of this module is that it allows you to tag names Remove the app icons from the apps menu and the home screen to make the user interface look simpler and cleaner. Also, for smoother navigation, you can change the way apps are displayed on the Recent apps page. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the folders in your phone interface, you can also use this module to change the way folders are displayed so that they appear as pop-ups instead of occupying the entire screen when opened.


As the name implies, LockStar allows you to customize the Lock screen or phone Lock screen. With this module you can manually adjust the location of various Lock screen icons such as clock, music widget, notifications and shortcuts. You'll also get some default background images for the Lock screen.

The LockStar module lets you replace the default Lock screen shortcuts (camera and phone) with other app icons (up to 6 apps), and Also change the way they are displayed and arranged. But if you like a more minimalist look for your Lock screen, you can delete some of the items on this page, except for the location of the fingerprint scanner, which for obvious reasons. It cannot be replaced or removed.


If you are looking for a live screen, Wonderland is a great choice. This module provides access to personalized live wallpapers for the home screen and Lock screen. After downloading the Wonderland module in Samsung Good Lock, a separate app will be installed on your phone, after opening it, you will see some pre-prepared samples to better understand how this module works. You can edit ready-made samples or design a background image from scratch.

You can even put a video on a still image or enlarge it to cover the entire screen and turn it into a background video . Of course, in order not to lose the beauty of the video and not to interfere with the icons and widgets on the home screen, you should be more careful in choosing the video.

Theme Park

Theme Park module is one of the largest Resolved user complaints about the design language of Material You Android 12. Each time you change the background image, your phone offers you several color palettes to choose from that specify the colors of the UI and notification bar icons. Although this feature is attractive, it does not allow you to create your own palette and you have to use the provided examples.

Using Theme Park you can create your own theme and change the look of your phone Have more freedom of action. You can also make changes to other parts of the user interface, such as the keyboard, Quick Settings panel, Sound settings panel, and so on. Support for icon packs in the Play Store and Galaxy Store is another feature of this module.

+ One Hand Operation

If you have worked with Samsung phones in the past years , One Hand Operation + module is a familiar name to you. The Galaxy series phones have long been equipped with the One hand operation feature, and this feature has been added to Android since gestures were added to the Android operating system. If you use the one-handed feature (especially for large phones), it is best to download and use this module from Samsung Good Lock.

By default in Android you are limited to 3 gestures: Return, return to the Home page, and return to the Recent Apps page. But the One hand Operation + module supports up to 6 gestures for the left and right edges of the phone, which will be a total of 12 gestures. Reactions occur depending on the direction of your finger on the screen and from the edges inward. Fortunately, + One Hand Operation is also available on the Google Play Store.

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