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Crazy American teens love the iPhone

BingMag.com <b>Crazy</b> <b>American</b> <b>teens</b> <b>love</b> the iPhone

According to a survey, teenage American users are very interested in iPhones, and this is not good news at all for Google and Android companies.


As always, Apple has won a poll, but this time it was a survey of 7,100 American teens to find out what their interest in smartphones is. Although we expected the iPhone to be more popular, which it did, we did not expect the distance between the iPhone and Android to be so great.

The brand is active and has no tough competitors. But Google hoped that with the Pixel 6 series, it would be able to attract some positive user feedback, which was somewhat successful, but it may not have occurred to young users that they were so interested in Apple and its products. This could be a serious wake-up call for Google as the company plans to launch a handset to compete with Apple in the US market.

According to a report, apparently 87% of users The poll uses the iPhone, and 87% of them want their next phone to be Apple again. This poll is an extraordinary record for Apple and shows how successful the American company has been in satisfying young and adolescent users.

Of course, this survey was not necessarily aimed at how much people are interested in smartphones. It also included the services provided by companies that Apple's product, Apple Pay, was finally able to take first place with 23% of its users. After Apple Pay, Venmo (PayPal payment service) is in the second place with a very short distance (21%) and Google Pay is in the third place with a disappointing percentage of only 2%.

BingMag.com <b>Crazy</b> <b>American</b> <b>teens</b> <b>love</b> the iPhone

American teens and teenagers prefer the iPhone to other phones, and this is not good news for Google!

As mentioned, Google It should learn from such reviews and attract the attention of users in making professional products with good features and capabilities and reasonable prices. Otherwise, it seems unlikely to be an opponent for Apple. Ever since the first iPod hit the market, Apple has tried to rely on the aura effect. The halo effect is defined by Wikipedia as a tendency in which an individual, company, brand, or product is considered positive in other areas because it is positive in one area. The iPod played exactly the same role for the Apple ecosystem. This product was very practical and attractive, and that is why users slowly entered the big world of Apple and led the company to the success we are witnessing now.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for Google. Google, like Apple, can not direct the needs of users and moves in the direction of those needs. That is why we see that the phones of this company are popular for a year, and there is no news about the user for a year. But the story is different with Apple. The number of users of this company is increasing every day, and the main reason for this is that Apple can give direction to the demands of users.

As users become more familiar with the Apple ecosystem, the tendency to leave it becomes harder and harder for them It becomes. Take iMessage, for example. The hugely popular messaging app that even Apple said had the potential to release a version for Android, which did not happen, but showed how well-equipped, functional and popular the app is.

Google's apparently aware of What is the situation in the US market and now we have to see what the company will do in response to Apple and the high popularity of iPhones. We look forward to seeing what the fate of this competition will be. A competition that may be quite different between the two companies in terms of rank (Apple is in second place and Google is not represented in the list of top 10 phones at all), but nevertheless, its attractiveness is extremely high.

Source: Android Authority

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