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Completion of Ilan Mask's argument with Tesla employees; Teleworking is no longer acceptable!

BingMag.com <b>Completion</b> of <b>Ilan</b> <b>Mask's</b> <b>argument</b> with <b>Tesla</b> <b>employees;</b> <b>Teleworking</b> is no <b>longer</b> acceptable!

Ilan Musk sent an email to his employees informing them that telecommuting was no longer acceptable and that they would have to be present on site. As you know, the employees of many companies have been working remotely for more than two years as the Corona virus has claimed the lives of millions of people around the world since its outbreak. Is. As a result, to protect the lives of employees, companies have allowed them to work in absentia.

One of these companies was Tesla, of which Ilan Musk was the CEO. he does. According to Bloomberg, he has asked his employees to leave telecommuting and, if they are going to work, to be present in their office. He apparently wrote the phrase "Remote work is no longer acceptable" in the subject of an email he sent to his employees, in order to send them a strong and clear message. p>

According to Mask, Tesla employees must now be in their office at least 40 hours a week; Otherwise they must leave the company. He said Tesla is his employees' workplace, not an office located elsewhere. One user shared a leaked image of Mask's email on Twitter and asked Mask to comment. Tesla's CEO did not deny this at all, saying that if anyone objected to this request, it was in fact indicating that he was not our employee. The source of the news, The Verge, also sent a message to Tesla asking for more details, but has not yet received a response from the company. Remote telecoms continue to operate, but stressed that this only happens when an exceptional situation arises. He added that he would personally review and approve the telecommuting application. In general, his emphasis is on working 40 hours a week. In another email, he told his staff that sleeping at Tesla day and night had allowed the company to move here. Ilan Musk believes that the more personal experience he has, the more he should be at work and everyone should see him. "Some large companies may not have such a situation, but when did the last time we saw them offer great and extraordinary products go back to?" He said. Long ago.

After the corona caused companies to close and employees to work remotely, many people became accustomed to the situation, and now companies are forced to force them to do so. When they return to work, they have a difficult path ahead. Some companies, such as Apple, are just trying to persuade employees to come to work only a few days a week. Those who continue to work remotely seem to have resigned. In general, it seems that due to the global vaccination and the significant reduction in the prevalence of coronation in the world, there is no need for telecommuting. However, each company, city or country has its own conditions.

Source: The Verge

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