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Chinese hackers use VLC media player for malicious cyber attacks

BingMag.com <b>Chinese</b> <b>hackers</b> <b>use</b> <b>VLC</b> <b>media</b> <b>player</b> for <b>malicious</b> <b>cyber</b> attacks

VLC software is a popular media player around the world and the reason for its popularity can be summed up in three words: it is free, open source software and Available to users for any device with any operating system. In addition, users can play any audio or video file with this media player. Also, this software is not very large and is very light compared to other media players. In this way, users who do not have a strong system in terms of hardware, will be able to easily use this software. But in one case, this popular media player can disrupt the performance of your system, and if it has malware, this may happen. According to the latest reports, a Chinese hacker gang is trying to use VLC media player for malicious cyber attacks and steal users' information.

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Experts at Symantec's cybersecurity website recently announced that a Chinese hacker group called Cicada (AKA Panda Panda or APT10) is using VLC media players on Windows systems rather than software Enter the malware used to spy on governments and related organizations. In addition, private organizations and religious organizations are not safe from the cyber attacks of this Chinese group. The hackers have set up an extensive network of cyber-attacks in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Turkey, Israel, India, Montenegro and Italy.

BingMag.com <b>Chinese</b> <b>hackers</b> <b>use</b> <b>VLC</b> <b>media</b> <b>player</b> for <b>malicious</b> <b>cyber</b> attacks

How do these Chinese hackers work? According to the Symantec website, the Cicada team is replacing secure versions of the media player with versions containing malware, and users unknowingly install the media player, paving the way for cyber-attacks. This is actually a technique that hackers use popular and safe software to insert malware into users' systems. The group then uses a remote VNC server to be able to fully monitor and control the user's system.

These Chinese hackers can then use hacking tools such as Sodamaster to target the target systems. Scans to download more malicious packages to the system of their intended users. They will also be able to hide connections between infected systems and hacker command and control servers and go undetected. Cyberattacks using VLC software, which may still be ongoing, began in 2021 after a security hole was detected in Microsoft's servers. Although it may not have a weird name like Xenomorph or Escobar, it is definitely used for espionage, and a recent report on the Symantec website confirms this. It should be noted that this group focused more on hacking health and medical sites, but now focuses on the defense, aviation, shipping, biotechnology and energy sectors.

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Groups like Cicada continue to pose a serious threat to computer systems around the world, with their vast financial resources and sophisticated tools and techniques. Users can take relatively good preventive measures to prevent their system from being hacked. For example, updating system software, using strong passwords, and backing up important data can prevent many dangerous cyber attacks. At the very least, doing so will make sure that you do not make it easier for hackers to hack your system.

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Source: Androidpolice

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