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The chess player robot broke the finger of a seven-year-old child!

BingMag.com The <b>chess</b> <b>player</b> <b>robot</b> <b>broke</b> the <b>finger</b> of a <b>seven-year-old</b> child!

According to Russian media reports, an artificial intelligence-based chess-playing robot broke a finger while playing with a seven-year-old boy. In relation to this incident, the head of the Moscow chess Federation said that the robot in question was rented for this tournament and despite extensive investigations, the operators apparently ignored this problem. Specifically, this boy was in a hurry to move the bead, and because of this, the robot grabbed his hand, and this led to the breaking of one of the fingers.

When preparing robots to interact with humans to protocols If security is not given much attention, such incidents happen. For example, we can mention the first death by a robot in 1979. This year, one of the workers of the Ford car factory was crushed by a robot arm.

In the case of this Russian robot, it seems that the robot in question was designed only to move chess pieces, and that is why when the boy's hand The movement of the bone stopped his activity, he did not recognize this issue and continued to press. It is said that the child's parents plan to sue the robot makers, but the chess boy played the next matches with a plastered hand.

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Source: The Verge

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