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Check the value of smartphones after one year

BingMag.com Check the value of smartphones after one year

When you buy a smartphone, you know that its value decreases after a while and this is not something that can be denied. In this article, we're going to take a look at the value of different smartphones over the course of a year to see how much value each phone loses after that time.

As you know, as soon as Take a phone out of its box, its value will be reduced, and this is not something you want to say if it is new or something like that does not happen. The question is to what extent we will see a decrease in its price. This can happen to any product. From car to any other electronic or non-electronic device. But a British retailer called MusicMagPie, which mainly sells refreshed electronics and second-hand video games, has published a report on the devaluation of its handsets, the details of which are very interesting.

Before Let's review these reports and mention a few points. First, flagship phones are usually less expensive than mid-range and budget phones. But phones themselves fall into two categories. Android phones and iPhones. In the meantime, the price drop of Android phones is much higher than iPhone phones, because iPhones often lose their value later in order to maintain their performance. We see exactly the same thing in this report; This means that iPhones have not lost their value at all to the extent that Android phones are experiencing a drop in price. But let's go into the details.

In this report, 2093 English smartphone users were asked about how they sell their phones (sales mean trade-in in this sense). Who sells the phone and buys a more expensive phone for more). Among these 2093 users, it was found that 61% do not trade-in when they want to buy a new phone. On average, it takes 16 months for someone in the UK to want to sell their phone the way it was said. But the interesting thing is that when they wait so long to sell their phone, the value of their phone drops by half. In general, a typical user in this country changes his phone 35 times in his lifetime, during which time something like 3 3.4 thousand, or $ 4656, is wasted just because of a sales delay. p> BingMag.com Check the value of smartphones after one year

This statistic shows that at least in the United Kingdom, The value of Samsung and Apple phones is maintained more than others

An interesting and, of course, somewhat hilarious point is that 10% of users who delay the sale of their phones do so with the idea that the value of their phones in This period increases as this does not happen and vice versa the value decreases. In fact, studies have shown that over this time, the value of handsets may fall by as much as 40 percent, which is really high. Also among these 2093 people, there were 33% who said they would never sell the phone through trade-in. In fact, the more a person uses their phone, the less likely they are to sell their phone that way. Interestingly, about 42% of users who were 45 years of age or older showed no interest in doing so at all. The most interesting of them all was: "Our statistics show that if you sell your old phone the moment you want to buy a new phone, you can get the most out of its value and from the same amount to buy a more expensive phone and "Use something newer or spend it any way you want." He also made a brief mention of his store's trade-in policy, saying that users will be given 21 days to make sure they get a new phone and an old one will be shipped to the store.>

According to MusicMagPie, and of course as expected, Apple phones experience less price drop than others. For example, during 12 months, an iPhone loses only 41% of its value, and after 24 months, when its warranty expires, the value of each iPhone is 60% of the price offered by it. The company itself was intended to shrink. Of course, in our country, these statistics are slightly different. For example, the value of an iPhone after a year may be 2 or 3 million less than the amount that the user had to pay early on. Of course, this statistic does not take into account the price that will be announced as soon as an iPhone becomes available, because that price is completely irrational and unreasonable. 1 year, something about 64% decrease, which is much more than the price drop of Apple products. Also, after two years, Samsung phones will drop in price by about 77%, which of course is also seen in our country. OnePlus is also in third place, and after one and two years, the value of its phones will decrease to 69% and 78%, respectively.

Google is not very active in the field of smartphone production, but it is still in the list. MusicMagPie ranks fourth. According to the data, the value of Google phones decreases in the same year as Samsung phones, and even better than the OnePlus phones, which are in the third place, but after two years, they fall sharply in value. In general, pixels lose 65% and 87% of their value after one and two years, respectively, which is a very significant amount. Of course, in our market, Google and OnePlus phones are not very easily available for purchase, so we do not have much information about their purchase value after one year.

BingMag.com Check the value of smartphones after one year

List of phones that have the highest value loss after one year

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro had the largest drop in value among other handsets in a year

but among all The smartphones currently valued in MusicMagPie The Huawei Mate 30 Pro has lost most of its value after 12 years. Of course, this phone could have been one of the best and most attractive flagships to choose from, but the heavy sanctions imposed by the US government hit Huawei in such a way that we see that one of the best phones of this company has lost almost all its value after 12 months.

According to statistics, phones are priced at around 999. (Equivalent to $ 1988), lost about 53% of their value after 6 months. But for phones priced at 600 to 899 ($ 821 to $ 1,230), this figure rises to 54% and for phones priced at less than 600 ($ 821) to 62%, which is a perfectly normal trend because flagships or in general More powerful phones do not have much performance problems over time and are often supported for longer.

Unfortunately, if you bought the Huawei Mate 30 in the UK and now want to sell it You were definitely facing a catastrophe. The phone seems to have completely lost its value after a year due to heavy US government sanctions, despite unparalleled hardware performance, especially in the field of cameras. According to the information we have, this phone and then the Huawei P20 lost 87% and 84% of their value after 12 months, respectively, and this is not something that can be ignored.

But looking at the second image, we can clearly see that the iPhones experienced a very small drop in value compared to other products, and those users who bought these phones can easily and with the highest possible amount be able to Sell them and buy a new model. For example, the iPhone 11 lost only 33% of its value after 1 year and is at the top of the table in this regard.

Other iPhone 11 series phones, such as the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is on the list with 36% and 41%, respectively. Of course, in the list that has recorded the least amount of devaluation of the phone, the name of no phone other than iPhone can be seen, but if we want to mention two products among Android that maintained their value to an acceptable level, those products are OnePlus 7T and Galaxy They are the S7 Edge, which experienced a 50% and 52% decline in value, respectively.

These studies, while not true for all countries, can well show which handsets still retain their value over time. Even in our own country, it is almost as if the iPhones still maintain their high value after a long time, or if the price is going to fall, it is very low. Conversely, for other companies' phones, or better to say Android phones, there is a significant decrease in value.

What is your opinion in this regard? Do you think the lower price of each phone over time is directly related to its purchase value? So, in fact, when it comes to buying a flagship, is it a more sensible choice to buy an Apple phone, or can such a thing (a drop in value after a year or more) not be very effective in choosing a flagship?

Source: PhoneArena

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