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The CEO of Instagram continues to insist on producing a children's version of this application

BingMag.com The CEO of Instagram continues to insist on producing a children's version of this application

It seems that the CEO of Instagram tends to design a version of this application for children as well, because apparently this popular social network is in its current form. It does not have a good effect on this part of society.

As you know, all kinds of content are displayed on Instagram, and of course, not all of this content is suitable for different people. As a result, the problem is that different people, especially those who are young, are exposed to content that is sometimes immoral and inappropriate for their age, and this can lead to irreparable problems.

Apparently all that Under the auspices of Facebook, or rather the former Facebook and the current Meta, is going through a difficult time. Instagram is one example, which is not a good app for everyone, according to leaked documents first published by The Wall Street Journal.

Interestingly, Facebook, or Meta itself, is a series of research He did and realized that Instagram has a negative effect on teenage girls. But what is very worrying is that Facebook hid the results of this research and did not intend to show it, and worse, tried to ignore it, while in some cases, perhaps, ignoring such cases. It's not right at all, and it really isn't.

This is an example of an American company not paying attention to the safety of its users. Those who think that security is simply a matter of not leaking information should also keep in mind that sometimes the app they use must be appropriate for their age, otherwise it must be for the security of these insecure people. Described.

But the story does not end here. Meta (formerly Facebook) has less control over the content and use of Instagram in countries other than the United States. That is why all kinds of abuses of this large and popular social network take place without any law to prevent this from happening.

Instagram for children

Early in the year In 2021, it was announced that an American company was working on a children's version of the app. Of course, this project was stopped later because the documents mentioned above were leaked and it turned out that Facebook was hiding something. Now, in an interview with the Washington Post, Instagram CEO Adam Moseri said that designing a children's version of the app is the right thing to do.

Currently, creating an Instagram account for people under the age of 13 It is forbidden, but we know that this law can be easily circumvented. Mousri himself pointed out that it is very difficult to determine the age of users because the user chooses what age he is and we know that these days people who are 10 to 12 years old or even younger, are very familiar with these cases and can Easily bypass Instagram restrictions. Unless they are restricted. If that doesn't happen, kids can easily fool around with the system and create their own account. To prevent or be able to block their account after logging in is to follow the messages of "Happy 12th birthday" through artificial intelligence in the comments that are sent to them. It is very hard to believe that people under the age of 13 should be sought in this way because Meta already has a lot of information about its users that it uses for personalized ads.

Moseri believes Designing a children's Instagram app allows parents to have better control over their children so that they are not exposed to content that is not appropriate for their age. The CEO of Facebook says that they should have a better performance in determining the age of users, so that their performance in this area is at the level of the operating system and not only at the level of the application itself. Now the question that arises is what kind of children are allowed to enter the application for children on Instagram? Are not accepted. However, the passage of time reveals how much more wealth and profit is more important to people like Musri than the security of users.

Source: PhoneArena

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