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Can wireless charging damage the phone?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>wireless</b> <b>charging</b> <b>damage</b> the phone?

If you are looking to buy a flagship phone, support for wireless charging is probably important to you. Overall, the number of handsets based on wireless charging technology has increased significantly in recent years. However, some users are still very concerned about using this technology. For example, some people believe that using wireless charging Can do a lot of damage to the battery. But is that really true? Here's how it works.

How does wireless charging work?

wireless charging technology uses electromagnetic induction to deliver electrical energy from the charger to the phone. To transfer. Electromagnetic induction is a phenomenon in which a changing magnetic field generates electrical energy in a closed loop. For example, to wirelessly charge a phone with this feature, both the charger and the phone must use copper coils or coils. By placing the phone on the charger, the magnetic field created by the two products communicates with each other and an electric current is sent to the phone. In this method, both copper coils must be placed correctly on top of each other, otherwise the phone will not charge.

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>wireless</b> <b>charging</b> <b>damage</b> the phone?

wireless charging. For example, one technology allows the gadgets to be a few inches away from the charger, and another technology allows these gadgets to be a few meters away. Of course, these technologies are still in the early stages of development, so it is unclear when they will be available to the general public.

Is wireless charging harmful to the phone?

The answer to this question is no. People who believe in this belief often point to the high heat generated when using wireless charging. Although sometimes the temperature rises a lot, companies have also prepared their handsets for this amount of heat.

Overall, due to the mechanism of wireless chargers, this method uses more heat than wired charging. Is created. One of the side effects of electromagnetic induction is high heat generation. Therefore, if this issue is not managed, excessive heat Can lead to significant damage to the phone. But because of these concerns, there are standards for wireless charging such as Qi, which provide specific guidelines.

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>wireless</b> <b>charging</b> <b>damage</b> the phone?

Is wireless charging less efficient than wired charging?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>wireless</b> <b>charging</b> <b>damage</b> the phone?

Due to the mechanism used for wireless charging, this technology usually uses more energy to charge the phone. Takes. According to studies, this method uses about 47% more energy from home electricity. Of course, this increase in consumption is usually so great that you will not see the effect on the electricity bill. But if all the users in the world turn to wireless charging, it will put significant pressure on power plants.

Does fully charging the phone reduce battery health?

According to reviews, if you always fully charge your phone battery, it will put a lot of pressure on it. On the other hand, draining the battery does the same thing. Therefore, it is best to keep the battery charge between 20 and 80% at all times to maximize battery life.

Does fast charging shorten battery life?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>wireless</b> <b>charging</b> <b>damage</b> the phone?

Many users are also very concerned about using fast charging. But in fact, unlike some negative and scary ads, the negative impact of fast charging is not as much as some users believe. Although fast charging will undoubtedly put more pressure on the battery than low speed charging, new smartphones are built to reduce this pressure.

For example, if your phone is charging 65 watts. It does not necessarily have to be used at all times at such speeds. As a result from 0 to 50% of the phone battery is charged very quickly, but to continue the route, you will face a significant reduction in charging speed. This will also reduce the heat generated.

last word

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>wireless</b> <b>charging</b> <b>damage</b> the phone?

Overall, the average battery life of a phone is about 3 years, so if you are one of those people who use a phone for several years, we recommend that after a few Replace the battery year. So even if you regularly use wireless charging or fast wired charging, you do not need to worry too much about this.

But in general, if you want to keep the battery as healthy as possible, we recommend that the charge is always between 20 Hold up to 80. On the other hand, it is better not to let the battery charge completely empty.

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