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Can lying on a resume really help?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>lying</b> on a <b>resume</b> <b>really</b> help?

Lying on a resume is one of the techniques that fraudulent job seekers resort to. lying on a resume Can take many forms. Some add more wings and feathers to their career records. Some may also create a work history of themselves and include things in their resume that were never part of their real work history. Exaggerating skills and abilities is another common way of lying on a resume. However, is writing a lie on a resume a good technique for finding a job? What risks Can this work have for people's future career? In this article, we will address this issue.

According to Checker Institute research, about 78% of job applicants lie in their resume and most of them exaggerate their information to some extent:

  • 60% of people said that they have skills and mastery in a field, but they had little and basic information about it.
  • About 50% of their previous work experience was longer than the reality
  • 45% lied about the reason for leaving their previous job
  • 42% lied about their job-related experiences
  • 41% exaggerated the title of their previous jobs 39% lied about their university degree and stated that they have a degree from a reputable university.

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>lying</b> on a <b>resume</b> <b>really</b> help?

According to the report of the National Fraud Authority, the UK lost 52 million pounds in 2013 due to fraud and fraud. Of course, this procedure is not limited to the UK and includes many countries. For this reason, employers today are much smarter and recognize the screening and selection procedures of job applicants much better. This exactly includes checking the accuracy of the information included in the resume.

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The resume you send is the first It forms the employer's impression and first impressions of you; Therefore, you should provide good information about yourself, but it is also very important that your information is completely correct. When it comes to people who lie in any way on their resumes or who exaggerate things in any way, you have to keep in mind that they are likely to be exposed. In some countries, lying on your resume may even have serious consequences for people.

Apart from this, if the employer finds out that you lied on your resume, you will definitely have no chance of getting that job. you will not have It doesn't matter how much you lie or exaggerate in your resume, if it gets leaked, you will lose your chance for the desired job forever. Even if you are successful and manage to get the job by putting false information and lies on your resume, you will be immediately fired whenever they find out about your trick (even months or years later). This dismissal Can severely damage your career history and you will face serious problems for other jobs.

What are the most common lies in resume writing?

1. Education Lies: Studies show that people exaggerate their education on resumes. For example, if they've only taken a short online course, they might list that as their specialty and education on their resume. However, instead of exaggerating or lying about your education, we recommend highlighting your education in another way. For example, include additional courses, workshops, academic awards, achievements, or any other additional training in your resume to make your education and expertise stand out more.

2. Time deceptions: Another common example of lying on a resume is stretching the time and date to fill in employment gaps and periods of unemployment. In other words, people may shift the time of leaving their job and starting their new job to minimize the time they were unemployed between these two jobs.

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3. Expanding Skills: Too often people include skills on their resumes that they don't really have any mastery of. You should remember that just because you have used a software a few times, you will not become an expert in that field. On the other hand, just spending a few semesters in foreign language institutes does not make you think that you have mastered that foreign language.

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>lying</b> on a <b>resume</b> <b>really</b> help?

How Can the lies included in the resume be revealed?

If you also think that by including a few lies in the resume you Can surpass other job applicants, it is better to reconsider your thinking. Be. Of course, although exaggerating in resume writing in some cases may bring a favorable result for people, there are different ways that employers Can notice people's lies during resume writing. become We will explain some of these methods below:

1. The job applicant should not be able to handle the test

It is very easy to say in your resume that you have expertise in a certain field, but proving this expertise is a separate issue. Employers know how easy it is to exaggerate your skills and lie on your resume, so don't be surprised if they ask you to actually prove your skills to them.

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For example, if you have mentioned in your resume that you are fluent in English tenses, the interviewer may decide to interview you in English to demonstrate fluency. Make sure you speak this language. Or in another example, if you are going to be hired by a company as a graphic designer, they will probably ask you to design some designs on a trial basis in their presence on the day of the interview. People who falsely include skills in their resume cannot pass these tests successfully.

2. Contacting a Previous Employer

As mentioned, one of the most common lies in resume writing is moving dates around so as not to reveal how long the applicant has been unemployed. If you are tempted to do such a thing, it is better to reconsider a little. Because a simple phone call Can expose your lie. It is not at all surprising that the new employer will contact your previous employer and check the accuracy of the information included in your resume. Therefore, only a simple phone call Can reveal a lie on a resume.

Some people also prefer to list their employment records only by year and avoid writing the names of months. In this way, the months that may have been unemployed between different jobs will not be disclosed. But this method is also not recommended. Because it is suspicious and probably makes the employer look for more information from your employment records.

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>lying</b> on a <b>resume</b> <b>really</b> help?

3 . Too Big Job Titles Are Suspicious

If you don't have a specific degree or have only a few years of very basic work experience, and then put a very prominent management job title on your resume, chances are you'll be suspicious. The employer will be motivated. For example, the applicant may have worked in a company as a marketing intern, but he has included the title of senior marketing expert in his resume. In such a situation, expect the interviewer to ask specific and detailed questions about your responsibilities and work in the said company to make sure if you were really employed there or if you have falsely included this job position in your resume.

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Maybe they will contact your previous company and inquire about your job position in that company. None of these are unexpected. Inserting such lies in the resume Can be exposed just as easily.

4. Ambiguity of abilities and experiences

Job applicants may sometimes hide their lack of experience and skills behind the use of vague and vague words. Maybe their reason is that they don't lie and only express the truth in ambiguous words. However, savvy employers and interviewers will be well aware that using vague words like "familiar" or "collaboration" Can mean that the job candidate is trying to cover up their lack of direct experience in some way. For example, a person does not have any special mastery of programming and only has a relative familiarity with some terms and languages and writes "familiarity with programming" in his resume. In any case, using these words and terms is one of the methods of job applicants to deceive employers, but you should remember that the possibility of this technique being exposed is also high.

5. Your body language gives you away!

The applicant may think he is a flawless liar, giving him enough confidence to lie on his resume. But the reality is that subtle body language cues during an interview Can reveal your lies. Lack of eye contact or persistent fidgeting may indicate the applicant is insincere. The same issue Can make the interviewer curious to check the applicant's information and resume more carefully.

Touching the nose, looking down when answering, turning the body towards the interviewer, and continuous blinking Can be among be signs that the person is not being completely honest and is hiding some things.

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>lying</b> on a <b>resume</b> <b>really</b> help?

Only the truth matters !

The reality is that no job candidate is perfect. If your resume is completely perfect and too idealistic, this may make the employer and interviewer curious to take a closer look at you, as this is suspicious. In addition, employers themselves do not expect a perfect person. What they expect is that your resume represents the real you.

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So, don't think of lying in your resume and instead highlight your best qualities. Avoiding common resume writing mistakes may be more effective than lying about your skills, abilities, education, or work history. Ask an experienced person to guide you and point out possible resume flaws

Sources: Glassdoor and Monster

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