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Cadillac Celestiq (Celestiq); A luxurious preview of the future

BingMag.com <b>Cadillac</b> <b>Celestiq</b> <b>(Celestiq);</b> A <b>luxurious</b> <b>preview</b> of the future

It has been almost 2 years since Cadillac introduced the Celestiq name to everyone. At that time, this name was nothing more than a dark and unintelligible picture, and we only knew that this car was going to play the role of the flagship technology of Cadillac products in the future. But a few days ago, the Cadillac Celestiq was unveiled in the form of a demonstration version and a concept.

The unveiled Cadillac Celestic was actually a concept version, and soon this concept with ongoing changes is going to reach the mass market. Cadillac is going to release details about the production version of the Celestial soon. Also, some of the features and technologies included on this concept model will be installed on the production version. These attractive features include a 55-inch digital screen that covers the entire dashboard of this car and consists of several other screens that extend from in front of the driver to in front of the front passenger, as if immersing the driver and passengers in a digital ocean. This display has a unique technology so that the driver cannot see the digital display on the passenger side. In fact, the front passenger can safely watch a movie or play a game on the screen in front of him without worrying about the distraction of the driver.

BingMag.com <b>Cadillac</b> <b>Celestiq</b> <b>(Celestiq);</b> A <b>luxurious</b> <b>preview</b> of the future

Cadillac has provided separate digital screens for the second row passengers in this model, and five digital screens with very high resolution have been installed in this car. The most interesting feature of Cadillac Celestic is its glass roof, where the light entering the cabin from the roof can be adjusted separately by each passenger. Cadillac calls this glass roof Smart Glass, and each passenger is able to adjust the glass part above his head in a way so that the desired amount of light enters the cabin. Cadillac has installed the Ultra Cruise driver assistance system for this car, which is supposed to bring the promise of driving without taking the steering wheel.

BingMag.com <b>Cadillac</b> <b>Celestiq</b> <b>(Celestiq);</b> A <b>luxurious</b> <b>preview</b> of the futureBingMag.com <b>Cadillac</b> <b>Celestiq</b> <b>(Celestiq);</b> A <b>luxurious</b> <b>preview</b> of the futureBingMag.com <b>Cadillac</b> <b>Celestiq</b> <b>(Celestiq);</b> A <b>luxurious</b> <b>preview</b> of the futureBingMag.com <b>Cadillac</b> <b>Celestiq</b> <b>(Celestiq);</b> A <b>luxurious</b> <b>preview</b> of the future

Cadillac Currently, he has refused to publish information about the technical specifications of the Celestial and only stated that this car was developed on the General Motors Eltium platform, and it is expected that this car will also enter the borders of hybrid and electric cars, and undoubtedly in the near future. Electric cars will become the new flagship of this company. Apart from the fact that the Cadillac Celeste is going to play the flagship role of this American car manufacturer in the sedan category, it is clear that the design of this beautiful car was inspired by the famous models of the Cadillac V16 and the Cadillac Eldorado 1957 Brougham.

Classic design on the Celestial catches the eye of every onlooker, a beautiful and very large front grille with diagonal lines that all lead to the authentic Cadillac logo as if the whole car started from the same point. These lines are also seen in the car's large aluminum rims. There is no door handle on the side of the car, and in the back of the Celestial, the narrow lights along with the wide back glass and the fastback form of the car at the back are all inherited from the Cadillac V16.

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