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Build a house with virtual reality; The future is not far off

BingMag.com Build a house with virtual reality; The future is not far off

Building a house is not an easy task; Especially for those who want to have a custom home of their choice. Choosing the right builder, designer and contractor, the complexity of the building infrastructure design process, obtaining a construction permit from city and local authorities, requires a lot of time; And yet, not even a roof over your head has been built yet.

Atmos is a construction company that accepts online orders for home, builder and designer work. The company intends to make home-based construction a simple and easy process, and to enable more people to customize their home in a popular and free way.

BingMag.com Build a house with virtual reality; The future is not far off

This startup, which is sponsored by Y Combinator, intends to transform the housing industry with a bold and big plan. , In the case of choosing a designer and the next steps, simply click on the Shopify shopping cart. The project has attracted a lot of investors so far.

According to CEO and founder Nick Donahue, former YC representative Sam Altman and current OpenAl CEO, and Adam Nash, former CEO and CEO of Wealthfront, has raised $ 2 million with public investors.

The project is also a major breakthrough in Atmos, a company that Until now, it has focused only on virtual reality.

Who is Nick Danahu?

Nick comes from a long-established construction family, and his father has worked in the same field. But Nick, who was very interested in virtual reality, entered the field. He dropped out of college after realizing that the process of becoming an engineer was not very exciting. So he focused on projects like the Open Source VR headset. Many investors became interested in this headset and provided the necessary funds for its construction and development.

BingMag.com Build a house with virtual reality; The future is not far off

The idea of designing and building this headset is based on" space network ". Donahue says the idea is that "the concept of a network will one day change from a two-dimensional structure to a three-dimensional one, and physical spaces will act more like websites." The headset he was building acted like a "browser" to navigate these spaces.

VR restrictions, of course, affected not only Atmos, but the industry as a whole. Here it faces limitations such as computational performance to build these three-dimensional environments and a lack of scaling in sectors. "We think the next wave of this phenomenon will be computer-aided work," says Nick. "Every house will have a brain," he said. Homes will be digital, controllable and customizable, and that would mean a major revolution in the concept of home, a concept that has existed for generations.

Atmos To achieve such a great vision, it must But at least for now, the company is focusing on facilitating the customization of homes.

To use the platform, the user specifies the location and layout of the new home. Atmos selects the most suitable builders to build the house based on the design and other factors. These projects cost between $ 400,000 and $ 800,000 and are mostly done in Charlotte, Atlanta, Denver, Austin and Durham Rally.

The company is still in its infancy. Danahu says Atmos has several ongoing projects in Dali Durham for the first time and is working to attract more builders to work with.

Is this a practical plan?

The feasibility of this design depends on all the factors involved in the construction. Customizing a home is a great idea, everyone wants to have a home that suits their tastes; But there is a constant challenge for builders: Exorbitant costs. The only way to reduce the cost of housing for builders is to build the house as much as possible in accordance with a plan. Because of this, the infrastructure is all the same and the houses are built exactly the same.

BingMag.com Build a house with virtual reality; The future is not far off

Builders Despite this, the same design can fit in the design and construction of the house. Workers can also build similar parts of each building at the same time, saving time and money. Building materials can also be procured in bulk and at a lower cost in such situations.

Using more advanced technology and some better controls, Atmos may be able to create synergies between its customers, especially if it can Market penetration of different cities. However, in the end, the long-term vision seems even more important for the company. Until a few months ago, it might not have made sense to come up with a new definition of home. But now that so many people work from home and are connected to the virtual world, we need to think about how homes should be designed to fit these activities and lifestyles. If Atmos can find a way to do this, it will definitely make a lot of money.

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