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Brazilian judge fines Apple $ 1,000 for not putting charger in iPhone case

BingMag.com <b>Brazilian</b> <b>judge</b> <b>fines</b> <b>Apple</b> $ <b>1,000</b> for not <b>putting</b> <b>charger</b> in <b>iPhone</b> case

According to the judge, Apple should pay a fine of $ 1,000 to one of its users from Brazil for not putting the charger in the iPhone case.

As you know, Apple decided in 2020 to remove the charger from the box of its handsets in order to protect the environment by producing less carbon. The decision ultimately made Apple more profitable than selling accessories that should have been in the box but did not.

Many users, even companies, were shocked when the American company broke the news. Rivals also ridiculed the move, including Samsung. But less than a year later, Samsung itself did so, and a number of other companies followed suit and removed the charger from the box of their phones. Samsung, of course, went a step further and even launched its new midrangers without a charger; Only the flag bearers were covered by this policy.

This has cost billions of dollars to the companies, and apparently this has caused a number of governments to be dissatisfied with this. Brazil, for example, is one of the countries that does not like Apple's new policy at all. Brazil had previously fined Apple $ 2 million for the negative changes, but now the US company has been ordered to pay $ 5,000 in Brazilian currency (US $ 1,082) to a specific person. This happened while a man complained to Apple about not putting the charger in the box of his iPhone.

The judge said in this regard:

According to Article 39 of Citizens' Rights, Tie Sale is a banned and offensive practice in Brazil, and companies are not allowed to sell phones and chargers separately. Apple is therefore convicted of selling a charger and an iPhone separately to a Brazilian citizen.

Requirement to buy two products for the second product to work. In this case, the judge believes that after buying an iPhone, users must also buy a charger to be able to charge the phone, and this is an example of Tie Sale. Of course, Apple has previously said that it has removed the charger because of the many chargers that are in the hands of people.

BingMag.com <b>Brazilian</b> <b>judge</b> <b>fines</b> <b>Apple</b> $ <b>1,000</b> for not <b>putting</b> <b>charger</b> in <b>iPhone</b> case

Apple 20-watt fast charger sold separately for $ 20

A weird question that arises is that this is legal action What impact will it have on the supply of Apple phones in Brazil? We already knew that in a number of countries, such as France and Brazil, it is illegal to sell an iPhone without a charger. That is, it is not accepted according to the law of the same country. Apple has been fined for this in Brazil before, but now, it seems, any user can easily sue Apple for this.

Apparently, Apple should put the charger inside the box of shipping To Brazil or he will be fined again. Also, all the companies that have adopted this seemingly naturalistic policy should put it aside, at least in Brazil, and offer the charger with the phone in a box. It should be noted that Samsung puts chargers in its handsets sent to Brazil.

There is also a law in France, and it is interesting to know that Apple still puts handsfree and chargers in the box in this country. It remains to be seen whether Apple will adopt a similar strategy for Brazil. Of course, there is a complaint left in the hands of the American company that must be handled. Now, whether Apple pays $ 1,000 or objects to it is a matter of waiting and seeing what happens.

Another question is whether a number of countries can change the law on electronic goods. Data and persuade companies to market their phones or accessories in general with chargers and handsfree?

Source: Android Authority

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