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Boeing and Airbus have called for a delay in launching the 5G high-speed network

The leaders of the largest manufacturers of commercial aircraft, Boeing and Airbus, have called on the Biden government to postpone the introduction of 5G cellular network service in the United States. The request from the two major aircraft companies comes amid growing concerns about critical flight safety equipment. The next generation of wireless Internet, although faster than previous generations and offering benefits such as less latency, better connectivity and easier communication, is already creating a global mess for the aviation industry.

Now the aircraft manufacturing giants , Boeing and Airbus have raised concerns about the new technology. Boeing CEO David Calhoun and Airbus CEO Jeffery Knittel wrote a joint letter to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg announcing the launch of close to 5G on January 5 ( May 15) can cause interference that may affect aircraft performance and safe performance.

Their concern is about the radar altimeters that commercial airline pilots use to land safely in low visibility conditions. . One analysis claims that 5G interference can affect hundreds of thousands of flights a year, delaying or diverting them. The companies' CEOs added that the effects of allowing 5G to deploy "are far-reaching and occur at a time when the aviation industry is still struggling with the post-health crisis."

They call for limiting the transmission capacity of 5G networks near airports, and urge the Biden government to work with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to approve a similar plan. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently restricted flights due to the risk of interference with the 5G network.

The joint statement said: "We are working together to ensure the continued operational safety of aircraft throughout the aviation system around the world." In February, they will officially start using the 5G cellular network on December 5 (December 4). They delayed the launch of the network several times and announced their plans to deploy 5G on January 5 in November.>

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