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The BMW X2 Facelift will likely be available next year

BingMag.com The BMW X2 Facelift will likely be available next year

While the BMW X2 is one of the company's young and popular crossover cars, there are now rumors of a new facelift for next year's model. Continues to maintain high sales.

Beamo is preparing to produce new models of both the X1 and X2. The X1 is one of the oldest cars in the BMW line. The second generation of the crossover, codenamed F48, was introduced in 2015, and with the F48 due to end production in June, a new version is expected to be unveiled in the first half of 2022.

"Milan Nedlikovich (Milan Nedeljkovic), a member of the board of directors of BMW AG, announced that the company's plant in Regensburg is preparing for the production of the 2022 X1. He also confirmed the existence of an electric propulsion option, and the X2 will be available with the same options. The car is the youngest SUV of the company since 2017 and now it is time to design it twice.

With multiple headlights and large windshield such as X8 M Competition or other flagship cars of this brand, X2 The new model will certainly have something to say in the design department to keep sales high.

  • The new BMW M5 model with different faces seen in leaked photos BMW will first have to redesign the cabin, especially the dashboard, and the iX electric vehicle will likely be the inspiration for the X2's interior. The car is likely to use the iDrive 8 operating system and digital instrument cluster instead of the classic counters.

    The next-generation X1 and X2, like current UKL-based models, will feature a range of three- and four-cylinder engines. . By choosing the slogan "power of choice", Beamo intends to increase its efforts to comply with pollution regulations, so the Euro 7 standard will be available very soon, which is referred to as the ban on internal combustion engines.

    All electric motors of X1 and X2 compact chassis cars, some specifications have been heard from informed sources. The eDrive20, which is likely to produce less than 200 horsepower, and the eDrive30, which can produce up to 250 horsepower. Figures that seem favorable for the smallest BMW crossover cars.

    • BMW 7 Series luxury car rendering

    Cover photo : New BMW X2 rendering

    Credit: Auto Evolution

Source: Auto Evolution

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