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Blue Origin is sending tourists to the edge of space this week

BingMag.com <b>Blue</b> <b>Origin</b> is <b>sending</b> <b>tourists</b> to the <b>edge</b> of <b>space</b> this week

The sixth group of Blue Origin tourists will travel to the edge of space with the New Shepard spacecraft this week to see the view of the Earth from above.

The company "Blue Origin" (Blue Origin) announced the time of the sixth manned flight of the "New Shepard" spacecraft, and thus the mission named NS-22, which is considered the 22nd overall launch of New Shepard, is August 4. (August 13), that is, about two months after the previous space flight, it will go to the edge of space in the launch window that starts at 9:30 am Eastern time zone (18:00 Tehran time).

This company recently introduced the passengers who will travel to space in this mission. Among them, the name of engineer "Sara Sabry" and entrepreneur "Mrio Ferreira" can be seen, who are respectively the first Egyptian and the first Portuguese to visit space.

Meanwhile. "Vanessa O'Brien" (Vanessa O'Brien), a climber, will also be present in this trip. She is the first woman to have traveled to the highest and deepest point on Earth, Mount Everest and the Challenger Pit (which is considered the deepest point in the ocean), and now with the Blue Origin spacecraft from the Karman line, which is the supposed boundary between the Earth's atmosphere and outer space. will pass.

BingMag.com <b>Blue</b> <b>Origin</b> is <b>sending</b> <b>tourists</b> to the <b>edge</b> of <b>space</b> this week

NS-22 Mission Badge Blue Origin
Credit: Blue Origin

The flight crew also includes Coby Cotton, one of the founders of the popular YouTube trick and comedy channel Dude Perfect, and Also, "Steve Young" (Steve Young) is the director of telecommunications.

The sixth passenger is "Clint Kelly III" (Clint Kelly III) who is the project of "Autonomous Land Vehicle" (Autonomous Land Vehicle) in the project agency. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) began in the 1980s. According to Blue Origin, his company, which paved the way for modern self-driving vehicles by creating the technology base, is very important in this journey.

Cover photo: New Shepard rocket and space capsule
Credit : Blue Origin

Source: Engadget

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