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BlackBerry stops supporting its classic handsets

BingMag.com <b>BlackBerry</b> <b>stops</b> <b>supporting</b> <b>its</b> <b>classic</b> handsets

Although currently considered by many iPhone users to be the most popular phone on the market, in the 2000s BlackBerry phones were very attractive to users. . Even though it's been years since the classic BlackBerry phones were built, support for them has continued, but in just a few days these phones will reach the end of the line.

stops on BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 operating systems. The company has warned customers who continue to use these phones that they will not receive updates to guarantee other call and WiFi performance. As a result, they may soon lose key features such as calling, mobile internet, texting, and emergency calling. Of course, this restriction does not affect Android-based BlackBerry phones. The company has set January 4 as the date for support for these phones.

BingMag.com <b>BlackBerry</b> <b>stops</b> <b>supporting</b> <b>its</b> <b>classic</b> handsets

The iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry in 2007, but almost all major companies in the field did not accept the iPhone revolution. After the introduction of the first iPhone, several senior BlackBerry officials ridiculed the phone, saying that no user was willing to work with the touch screen and virtual keyboard.

However, millions of users around the world used the phone. Equipped with a touch screen welcomed and the iPhone became an amazing success. After the introduction of the iPhone and its increasing popularity, the market share of BlackBerry phones decreased day by day and the company lost its importance. Companies such as Samsung, on the other hand, soon began to use touch screens and were able to survive in this market. It was finally too late when BlackBerry decided to transform its handsets.

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