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Biyamu unveiled global car color change technology

At CES 2022, Beamo unveiled a new technology that makes it possible to change the overall color of a car with the push of a button.

Changing the exterior color of a car with the push of a button is sci-fi But technology to achieve this goal has been evolving for more than a decade. Not yet mass-produced, but BMW's new iX Flow concept car shows that at least one automaker is working to make it happen.

BingMag.com <b>Biyamu</b> <b>unveiled</b> <b>global</b> <b>car</b> <b>color</b> <b>change</b> technologyBingMag.com <b>Biyamu</b> <b>unveiled</b> <b>global</b> <b>car</b> <b>color</b> <b>change</b> technology

This car still can not be changed from red to blue or vice versa, but iX Flow in Introduced at CES 2022, it is a good step in the direction of car color change technology.


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Credit: Electrek

iX Flow using "Electronic Ink" (E Ink) to change color Has achieved what is used in monitors such as e-books such as the Amazon Kindle. Beamo covers the iX in a custom cover that contains millions of microcapsules of electronic ink the thickness of a human hair. Each capsule is filled with negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. Then, when the driver sends a command, an electric field causes white or black pigments to accumulate on the surface of the capsule.

BingMag.com <b>Biyamu</b> <b>unveiled</b> <b>global</b> <b>car</b> <b>color</b> <b>change</b> technology

Gray to white may not seem like a big deal, but this simple color palette is now in use in the real world. Beamo points out that changing the color of the car from white to gray depending on the season can help warm or cool the car's interior. The reflection of the hot rays of the summer sun on the white body in the exterior can facilitate its cooling, and at the same time, the black color of the body in winter will absorb more of the heat of the sunlight. Darker colors can also reduce the time it takes to warm up on a cold morning.

BingMag.com <b>Biyamu</b> <b>unveiled</b> <b>global</b> <b>car</b> <b>color</b> <b>change</b> technology BingMag.com <b>Biyamu</b> <b>unveiled</b> <b>global</b> <b>car</b> <b>color</b> <b>change</b> technology

Electroforetic technology is also energy efficient and just enough to provide the required current when the color changes. Beamo also sees this technology as a way for car owners to express themselves in a car-like or emotional way. Beamo has not commented on whether the technology will turn into a production car, but it is definitely a great feature and will cost $ 15 a month to access.

  • BMW's aerodynamic wheels and iX3 increase the distance traveled with each charge

Photos & Video: BMW's color change technology
Credit: BMW

Source: Motor1

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