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BingMag became the best online shopping app of the year 1400

BingMag.com <b>BingMag</b> <b>became</b> the <b>best</b> <b>online</b> <b>shopping</b> <b>app</b> of the <b>year</b> 1400

Miket, the Iranian Android app store, today during a press conference to select the best apps and games of the year, introduced BingMag as the best online shopping app of its 1400 platform. The "Miket Awards" event has been held for several years as an in-app event with the participation of users of this platform. But this year, apart from this section, Miket decided to expand its awards section, introducing the best apps and games of 1400 in 14 disciplines, and honoring their creators with statues.

Miket on the verge of becoming 30 million

BingMag.com <b>BingMag</b> <b>became</b> the <b>best</b> <b>online</b> <b>shopping</b> <b>app</b> of the <b>year</b> 1400

At the beginning of this press conference, "Amir Golkhani", the team's public relations manager Miket, while referring to some statistics of this team in 1400, announced that the number of active installations of Miket has reached 30 million and this Android store experiences more than 4 million daily visits. There are also currently more than 5,000 movie and TV series available on Miket Video's VoD service. Miket also has 12 million monthly active users and supports 350,000 apps and games.

It was also announced that as the ecosystem grows, Miket will look for ways to expand its market share and promote Better become its top developers. For this reason, the team decided to hold its annual awards, which were chosen by users each year, in a more general way from this year, accompanied by a few additional events.

The best of 1400 from Miket's point of view

BingMag.com <b>BingMag</b> <b>became</b> the <b>best</b> <b>online</b> <b>shopping</b> <b>app</b> of the <b>year</b> 1400

In this regard, Miket is launching a festival Which starts on March 14 and continues until March 17, and during this event, all selected applications and games in each category will be displayed to users with special banners and dedicated icons.

This year's best in 14 categories was selected. The following is a list of the winners of the 1400 annual Miket Awards, which include apps, games, and popular selections.> Stepfather best Artistic Design Game Zombie Clash best Multiplayer Game Quiz of Kings The most popular Iranian game Golmorad The best storyline BingMag The best online shopping app Niche best Personal Development Program Lernit best English Language Teaching Program Balad Most Popular Router Iranian Digiton The best entertainment program for children Nobitex The best digital investment program Filimo </<b> The most popular online movie and serial distribution program with card The best program in the fintech industry Shahrbanoo The best game of the year From the users' point of view, it is worth mentioning that Miket is free for developers, and while presenting a large collection of Google Play applications, the survey Q also has its own movie and serial player (VOD) that you can use by purchasing a subscription.

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