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Bill Gates says investing in Ramzars and NFT is stupid!

BingMag.com <b>Bill</b> <b>Gates</b> <b>says</b> <b>investing</b> in <b>Ramzars</b> and <b>NFT</b> is stupid!

Bill Gates, the founder of the world's largest software company, Microsoft, in his recent claim about cryptocurrencies and NFT, considered investing in them a stupid idea. He said that these cases were created solely to deceive users. Talk about one of the newest and most popular ways to make money today, the cryptocurrencies and the NFT.

The habit of the past did not appear and it was severely attacked by the NFT. He even jokingly said that "digital images of monkeys will make the world a better place," referring to those who spend a lot of money to buy these NFTs.

Bill Gates' career is also somewhat logical. Cryptocurrencies do not go through a specific process and human property may be destroyed at any moment. For example, the same NFTs that used to be in the price bubble have now dropped so much that they are said to have reached their lowest price since last summer. However, their significant decline in value reached 80% in just two months. This means that investors who bought these NFTs two months before the price cut are now 80% at a loss.

Bill Gates says he has not invested in any of these sectors because he has He knows the basis of an idea to deceive users, but many of the world's greats have shown interest in it. However, Bill Gates seems to be somewhat right. Not just because of the significant drop in the NFT, and some fans may be optimistic that "this drop is temporary," but when Bill Gates criticized the digital currency as an investment method, Bitcoin All of that value suddenly experienced a strange free fall and at once many of its investors went bankrupt.

What do you think about this? Do you think Bill Gates is right about that?

Source: CNBC

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