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Beware of fake Android security updates

BingMag.com Beware of fake Android security updates

A new malware will trick you into installing it on your device. Developers of Android malware FluBot have launched a new method that uses fake Android security update alerts to deceive victims. The New Zealand computer team has warned users in a new post that the malware installation message is in fact a form of deception, and a new page will be created to give users a sense of urgency and let them install the FluBot malware on their devices.

The malware of this operating system detects itself by detecting fraudulent links. These links are often referred to as prize delivery links and packages to the user. By clicking on the links, the user also installs fake software for data theft. Most users are not even aware of this. This malware links itself to a person's contacts using various scam messages. The victim then shares all the bank information, passwords, and account details with the malware developers by installing the malware. The device reduces them and paves the way for future thefts. By doing so, fake cybercriminals' security updates can be installed on their device. However, users may think that they have taken action to protect themselves against FluBot malware. While they do not know that they have actually installed the malware on their smartphone.

BingMag.com Beware of fake Android security updates

FluBot Malware Change

Until recently, FluBot malware used contact information stolen from devices previously infected with the malware by sending spam to other Android smartphones. Was transferred. These messages instruct potential victims to install applications on their device that are sent by attack control servers.

When FluBot malware is installed on a user's device, it often tries to trick victims into Give it more permissions. One of these dangerous access permissions is access to the Android Accessibility service, which allows malware to run in the background and perform other malicious tasks silently and without the user's knowledge.

FluBot malware is capable of Is to steal the user's payment and banking information. As mentioned earlier, this malware also steals user contact information to send them phishing messages and help spread the FluBot malware further.

Spanish users were the first victims of this malware attack. , FluBot malware developers have since attacked other countries in Europe, including Germany, Poland, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and more recently Switzerland, as well as Australia and Japan. The UK National Security Agency and some operators have provided solutions to FluBot Android malware. The center is also removing FluBot communication channels with users.

Users have been told not to open any suspicious links and to remove them. Or at least send it to a dedicated spam report number. The final recommendation is that users only open valid links. Also, only download the apps you need from the official App Stores.

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