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The best view when using the roof toilet of the SpaceX tourist spacecraft!

BingMag.com The best view when using the roof toilet of the SpaceX tourist spacecraft!

Citizen-astronauts spend 4 more days in orbit on the Inspiration Tourism Mission, during which time access to the toilet is one of their essential needs. Is. But on the not-so-large Dragon SpaceX spacecraft, which now comes with a glass dome for the mission, how do astronauts access the restroom? Soyuz) is Russian, can accommodate up to 7 people. The spacecraft is the first US vehicle to take astronauts into Earth orbit, including the International Space Station, since the end of the space shuttle mission. A process that began last year with NASA's historic Demo-2 mission.

Another historic mission is now underway by the spacecraft. The four non-professional astronauts complete 858 km orbiting the first all-citizen mission in history, Inspiration 4, to experience a three-day stay in the Dragon Resilience Capsule. But during these days and nights, their essential needs must be met, such as food, rest, and, of course, access to health care.

First solutions

Since the first American astronauts They went into space, that is, 60 years ago, NASA was trying to find clean and convenient ways for people to access space toilets. The initial choices were relatively crude and temporary solutions that led to great turmoil. Fortunately, he said, "it was completely dry by the time it was launched." Apollo astronauts also had to use rolling bracelets for urine and plastic bags for other tasks. But sometimes these wastes did not fit properly in the chamber and floated around.

After the end of the Apollo missions in 1975, engineers described feces and urine as "annoying aspects of space travel." Even now that private space travel is booming, and space toilets have improved a lot over the past, it seems that their annoyance as one of the most difficult parts of the space mission has not diminished much.

The spacecraft toilet Dragon

Although NASA and SpaceX officials have so far made no direct reference to the Dragon spacecraft toilet, the truth is that SpaceX probably does not want to waste its precious capsule space with a large space toilet, and this system is probably a The initial hose and bag are similar to those used on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

Evidence and images inside the Dragon SpaceX manned capsule show that the toilet compartment is somewhere above the astronauts' heads. "This is something that former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman, who has been developing the Dragon spacecraft for many years, had confirmed before the first manned mission to the International Space Station," he said. I do not know if this toilet is really desirable or not, but it is definitely there. I can say that in 1G (gravity on the ground) it is towards the ceiling, but in 0G (zero gravity) the location is definitely not important. "

BingMag.com The best view when using the roof toilet of the SpaceX tourist spacecraft!

Dragon SpaceX's manned capsule toilet seat
Credit: Thomas Pesquet

in Soyuz capsule, system The toilet has a primary hose that NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield considers rudimentary, adding: "Astronauts get two envelopes before launching, or hope they don't have to use them at all!">

There is not enough space in a Dragon capsule with a width of 4 meters for a complete toilet system. So SpaceX is content with a basic system on the roof. It is not yet clear how the system works, but it is much smaller than the large system that astronauts have previously been able to use on the space shuttle. 12277-3.jpg "> BingMag.com The best view when using the roof toilet of the SpaceX tourist spacecraft!

However, the Dragon SpaceX capsule toilet system is still one step ahead of the Starliner manned capsule. Boeing, as one of NASA's two commercial spacecraft, is still in development and testing. Because not even a toilet system has been considered for this capsule yet. Which is a screen for privacy.

BingMag.com The best view when using the roof toilet of the SpaceX tourist spacecraft!

Close-up view of Dragon SpaceX manned capsule toilet
Credit: Thomas Pesquet

Application in the first all-city space mission in history

He also mentioned that the curtain covers the upper part of the capsule so that you can separate your environment from others when using the toilet. The flight is accompanied by three other citizens, including Haley Arceneaux of St. Jude Hospital, geologist Sian Proctor and data engineer Chris Sembroski of the aerospace industry./p>

  • 4 passengers Know the first all-urban space mission in history

According to Procter, out of 10 people who have so far The Dragon manned spacecraft have flown, none of them have ever used the capsule's toilet for feces, and the mission crew will be the first to do so. Because they are the first to spend several days inside the SpaceX space capsule. By placing the toilet on the roof of the capsule and near the glass window, it can be said that the citizen-astronauts of this mission have the best view of human history when using the toilet!

Engineering space toilets to work on Microgravity is not an easy task and requires additional equipment and tanks. Thus, research and experiments in this field continue. Last year, NASA, for example, sent a new space toilet to the International Space Station to test and prepare for space missions to more distant places, such as the Moon and Mars.

Practice with a small cup-sized hole, which can be done by using a camera to align and learn how to connect hose systems and the necessary bags.

If SpaceX can properly build a service Achieve space hygiene, make it a little easier for astronauts in space and eventually on missions to Mars. But at least now it looks like the company intends to keep any progress or updates out of the public eye.> Credit: SpaceX

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