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The best products introduced at CES 2022

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

CES 2022 was to be held in person. However, due to the increase in the number of patients with Covid 19, some companies withdrew their presence and others announced that they would attend virtually, and finally this exhibition ended one day earlier. But in the meantime, attractive products were introduced in this exhibition. Over the past two years, CES has become so obsolete that some have wondered why such an event takes place at all. But in any case, we can not hide the attractiveness of CES 2022 and we hope this trend will continue next year.

As usual, this year we intend to include the best products introduced in this article Let's pay attention to the exhibition. It should be noted that these selections were made by The Verge's reputable site.

best of all - Samsung Monitor Odyssey Ark

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

Over the past two years, the computer monitor has once again come into focus. A good monitor makes it easier to work from home, makes all kinds of games more attractive, and often serves as the mainstay of a home office layout. In the meantime, Samsung has been able to put many of the day's trends together in an attractive way with the Odyssey Ark monitor.

First of all, we have to deal with a giant 55-inch monitor. Also, we should not miss the 4K resolution, which offers great quality for various contents. In addition, it is largely curved. This is not Samsung's first curved monitor, but it is by far the largest. Although Samsung has not yet announced the price and release date of this product, such a monitor can undoubtedly provide a comprehensive virtual reality-like experience for a variety of content.

best Laptop - ROG Zephyrus G14

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

over the past years Zephyrus G14 due to lack of use There was a lot of criticism from the webcam, and finally Asus showed that it paid attention to the criticism by introducing the new generation of this laptop. This new laptop uses Radeon 6800S instead of RTX 3060 graphics. Given its features, it looks like the best 14-inch gaming laptop, which probably offers great battery life like previous generations.

Over the past few years, the Zephyrus G14 series has been listed as The best known CES laptop. The previous generations, despite using a 16: 9 display and lacking a webcam, were on the list of the best for months, and now that the two problems have been solved in the new generation, we are undoubtedly facing a more attractive product. Of course, in the meantime, we hope Asus does not set a weird price for this laptop.

best TV - Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

usually at CES show related new technologies When they are introduced to television, they reach users at least a few years later. But now, after a long wait, Samsung's QD-OLED displays will hit TVs and monitors in 2022. On the other hand, it is Sony that has been able to launch QD-OLED TVs earlier.

Sony unveiled the A95K QD-OLED 4K TV at CES 2022, which comes in two sizes: 65 and 55 inches will hit the market. In addition to taking advantage of the new panel technology, we should also mention the amazing image processing and the amazing speaker system. On the other hand, while such TVs will not be as expensive as Micro-LED panel TVs, they will certainly not be cheap. This TV is very attractive on paper and after its release to the market, we can talk about its quality and potential with confidence.

The best monitor - Samsung Odyssey Ark

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

The best concept - change body color in car BWM iX

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

In the automotive world, various companies are unveiling concept cars at trade shows in order to show off their technical capabilities to competitors and fans. But in the meantime, what makes a concept attractive and best is the "execution" argument. Many companies display different concepts in 3D rendering, but when these compelling concepts are implemented, they attract a lot of attention because they are now at least a little tangible.

In the meantime, we should mention the iX Flow car Which uses the ability to change the color of the body. The technology used to do this is essentially the same electronic ink found in e-libraries. This technology currently has many limitations. For example, such a car in case of a normal accident, will face a serious problem in terms of color change. Also, the electronic ink in the field of different colors does not have much to say yet, and for this reason, this concept car is only available in black and white. But in any case, BMW has envisioned a future in which the color of the car may change rapidly at the push of a button. That may not be the case for years, but that does not detract from the appeal of the idea.

best Robot - Labrador Retriever

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

At CES, companies often unveil weird robots, but almost none of them reach users. But at CES 2022, as the number of exhibitors dwindled, they no longer had much incentive to showcase their bizarre ideas in robotics. But in the meantime, we want to point out a functional robot that, although not available any time soon, is so simple and functional that it has a better chance of success than other such designs.

This robot is called Labrador Retriever. And it's basically a niche with wheels that can, for example, go to your fridge and pick up a drink and bring it to you. No strange technology has been used to make this product, but it is a very useful gadget for people who have difficulty moving. Instead of looking for weird ideas, the company has created products that solve the real problem of some people.

The best wearable gadget - </<strong> Garmin Smartwatch Vivomove Sport

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

The best gadget for a smart home - strong> Smart door Masonite

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

This smart door Gathered all the needed smart gadgets in one place. These include smart locks, lights based on motion sensors, and alarms on the camera. In addition, this smart door is connected to the house's electricity, so you no longer have to worry about its power supply. Such a product has a lot of potential and by expanding cooperation with other companies, it can find more attractive features.

The best electric car - Chevrolet strong> Equinox

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

Introduces several electric cars at CES 2022 Were. But in the meantime, we chose the Chevrolet Equinox as the winner, which, of course, was unveiled months before the event. Most electric cars will be priced at around $ 50,000, but the Chevrolet Equinox will be available next year for $ 30,000. We hope General Motors launches this car at the same price and does not seek to change its price in the first place by taking advantage of marketing approaches and making some changes.

Commendations worthy of praise

Samsung TVs support NFT

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

2022 Series Samsung TVs have attractive features, but in the meantime we should mention the support for NFT sales. Apart from the ability to display different NFTs, users can easily use these TVs to browse the platforms for buying and selling these tokens and buy or sell their desired NFTs. Such a feature is unlikely to be welcomed, but in any case we can not hide the fact that it is interesting.

Schlage Encode Plus

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

At CES 2022, a door lock called Schlage Encode Plus was unveiled, which has a key feature Apple Electronics supports. Simply put, you can easily unlock the door just by using your Apple Watch. In addition, there is a keypad on the lock that you will be able to unlock by setting a password.

TV LG C Series 42-inch OLED

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

Many users are not interested in giant TVs but on the other hand want to Use the best available facilities. But in the meantime, LG has unveiled an old 42-inch TV that offers many attractive features, and for example, you can also use it as a gaming monitor.

Router > TP-Link Archer AXE200 Omni

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

Is the router very important? Various information has been provided in this regard, but now the Archer AXE200 router is supposed to do this automatically to provide the best possible signal to users. In addition to portable antennas, we should also mention support for 6E Wi-Fi and 6 GHz band.

Video projector Freestyle Samsung >

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>products</b> <b>introduced</b> at <b>CES</b> 2022

Portable video projectors are not a new idea, but in the meantime, Samsung's latest projector is so simple and It is interesting that we have included it in the list of the best at CES 2022. First of all, we must mention its very low weight and size, which makes it very simple and easy to transport. In addition, you can adjust the image size between 30 and 100 inches, and we should also mention the autofocus feature. In addition, Samsung has developed various accessories for it that increase the attractiveness of this product. Despite all these attractive features, we can not hide the high price of this product. Priced at $ 899, it would probably cost less to use such a projector.

Source: The Verge

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