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The best phones of 2021 for photography and filming

BingMag.com The best phones of 2021 for photography and filming

Nowadays, because the camera is on all phones by default, everyone is familiar with the camera and the photography process. Although every smartphone maker in the world uses a camera in their phone, there are always phones on the market that perform better than others in terms of photography and video recording power.

And the use of cameras in smartphones has created competition in this regard among phone manufacturers in the world. In fact, every year, these companies try to surpass their competitors in terms of photographic and video recording power with the unveiling of new flagship phones with more advanced camera systems.

Fortunately, the competition between smartphone manufacturers from Focusing mode is only on the numbers related to the camera module. In fact, even though new phones with high-megapixel cameras are introduced every year, and we even see the unveiling of phones with 100-megapixel cameras, the manufacturers have tried to make better use of all the pixels that make up the camera sensor by improving the software features.

It should be noted that depending on what smartphone you make, these software features may do certain things in your phone's camera. We are now talking about an evolving period of time. In fact, the time period we are in now is the time when new phones may be unveiled and these new phones will replace their previous models, or existing phones will receive new capabilities by receiving software updates that will affect the quality of their camera output images.

It does not matter if the features in the camera system of a flagship phone today are hardware features or software capabilities. In fact, smartphones have grown to such an extent that the camera system used in them is so mature that now is a good time to compare them in terms of camera system. As a result, in this article we want to introduce the best phones on the market in terms of photography and video capabilities.

What are we looking for?

Take a look at the smartphone market It shows that there are various handsets in the market that have a good camera system. However, there are a few phones on the market that have a great camera system. With this in mind, in this article we have only tried to introduce the phones whose camera system is one of the best. In this article, you may even get acquainted with phones that are only great for shooting in a certain style.

As a result, it can not be said that all the phones introduced in this article perform best when shooting and filming. They have all modes. But if the phone is in this article, there must be a special reason for it to be in this list.

With this in mind, in this article we have tried to divide the camera system into different topics by different Show them used in a better way to you readers and followers of BingMag. In fact, in this article you will get acquainted with smartphones that are better in a certain field such as portrait photography or have special features when shooting and filming.

Also the software that smartphone manufacturers have in their phones. Used in photography, they have become an integral part of the world of photography in smartphones. Now, before we continue this article, in this section, we want to briefly mention all the phones that will be covered in this article.

  • The best phone for photography: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Best phone for advanced photography: Vivo X70 Pro Plus
  • Best phone for computing: Google Pixel 5
  • Best phone for low-cost photography Photography: Google Pixel 5a
  • Best Small-Screen Smartphone for Photography: iPhone 13 Mini
  • Best Camera for Photography: iPhone 13 Pro

Best phone for photography, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

BingMag.com The best phones of 2021 for photography and filming

  • Other cameras: 10-megapixel telephoto camera with 3x magnification (equivalent to 70mm lens), 10-telephoto camera Megapixel with 10x magnification (equivalent to 240mm lens) and 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera (equivalent to 13m lens) 1mm)
  • Front camera: 40 megapixels
  • Video resolution: up to 8K
  • Price: from $ 1,200

Of course, this phone does not have a perfect performance in the field of photography and will need improvements in some photography styles. Overall, the quality of the photos taken with this phone is good.

Samsung has used its latest ISOCELL HM3 image sensor in this phone to improve the hardware of this camera. The company has also used a newer lens system and improved software to process captured images. Of course, in this article we do not want to deal with the 100x magnification of the camera of this phone, which is not very useful, but we want to say that the output colors of the images taken with this camera and the good quality of HDR images have made the images taken with this phone more eye-catching.

The two telephoto lenses used in the camera module of this phone complement each other well. Especially the telephoto lens with 10x magnification used in this phone, which is equivalent to using a 240mm lens. The use of these two lenses in this phone has made this phone the best in terms of the quality of photos taken when using magnification. Also, when using these two lenses, they can offer 30x hybrid magnification with which high quality photos can be taken at the right time in this mode.

We hoped that Samsung would do something about it. Professional photography capabilities, Pro mode, can be used when shooting with all the lenses in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but unfortunately this mode can only be used when shooting with the main camera and ultra-wide camera with only 12 megapixel shooting resolution. . As long as you do not want to print large-sized photos, photos taken with the camera of this phone in low light are also great.

Of course, if the US had not sanctioned Huawei, instead of the phone Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, now the Huawei P50 Pro was in this position. In fact, the Huawei P50 Pro has one of the best cameras of all. But the limitations of this phone in terms of sales and software have led to this position being assigned to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Although the Xiaomi May 11 Ultra is also excellent in terms of photography and video capabilities. But there are questions about the availability of this phone worldwide. All these reasons have made this place available to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is now and before the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the flagship phone of the Korean company Samsung.

Of course, we must say that a place The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is now available, is not so secure. Because, as you know, Apple has been able to achieve great success in the field of photography and video with the unveiling of the iPhone 13 Pro, and Google also wants to make a lot of noise in the world of technology with the release of the Pixel 6. Vivo is also looking to take over this position with its new handsets.

Purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from BingMag
  • How important is the phone model in mobile photography? (Photography Fun - Part 1)

The best phone for advanced photography, Vivo X70 Pro Plus

BingMag.com The best phones of 2021 for photography and filming

  • Main sensor: 50 or 100 or 12 megapixels (with the ability to merge pixels) equivalent to a 23 mm lens
  • Other cameras: 32-megapixel telephoto camera with 2x magnification (equivalent to 50mm lens), 8-megapixel telephoto camera with 5x magnification
  • Front camera: 32-megapixel
  • Shooting resolution: 8K
  • Price: Starting at $ 1,200

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