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The beginning of a transformation; The difference between iPhone 14 and 14 Pro will be more than ever

BingMag.com The <b>beginning</b> of a <b>transformation;</b> The <b>difference</b> <b>between</b> <b>iPhone</b> 14 and 14 <b>Pro</b> will be <b>more</b> <b>than</b> ever

It seems that the difference between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will be much greater than the difference between the standard model phones in recent years And we've seen Apple Pro.

If you're an iPhone user and want to buy a new generation phone from an American company this year, you'll probably be shocked. We do not want to mention the price or removal of the mini model and the addition of the Max model. However, these two are also to be seen in the iPhone 14 series as changes that have not occurred in recent years.

If you've been following the news, you probably know that Apple wants the 5.4 model this year. Remove the mini inch and add the Max model instead (not as a replacement). Like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it will be 6.7 inches and is actually a nail in the coffin of the iPhone Mini, which seems to have no fans at all, and if it does, it is not as much as Apple expected. With this decision, Apple will have two 6.1-inch phones and two 6.7-inch phones, each of which will have its own capabilities.

But this is not what we want to talk about. To let. As you know, Apple has been differentiating between standard and Pro models since the iPhone 11. For example, the Pro models used a chip with more powerful graphics, a larger camera, a 120Hz display (iPhone 13 series), a higher quality display, a higher capacity battery, etc., while the standard models were weaker and slightly lower in quality./p>

Now it seems that the same differences still exist between the Pro models and the standard iPhone 14, but they will be added to the number. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are once again set to have a 120Hz promotional display, and we will most likely see a telephoto camera with a higher optical zoom and LiDAR sensor on the back panel. But there are a number of other things that can make the issue even more bizarre. These differences are:

  • Removing the notch in the Pro model
  • Probably USB-C only for the Pro models
  • The A16 Pro chip for the Pro models
  • li>
  • 48-megapixel main camera

Removes notch in Pro model

BingMag.com The <b>beginning</b> of a <b>transformation;</b> The <b>difference</b> <b>between</b> <b>iPhone</b> 14 and 14 <b>Pro</b> will be <b>more</b> <b>than</b> ever

In 2017, when Apple unveiled the iPhone X, many users were very happy that until then the full screen display was more like a dream because Apple was one of the few companies that removed the high margins and At the bottom of the screen, a large part of the front panel is dedicated to the screen. But the American company did not make any progress after 5 years and still kept the same design, while the companies that make Android phones are so advanced in this field that they also produce phones with selfie cameras under the screen.

iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 all have models with a large notch display at the top, which has a built-in face recognition sensor, selfie camera and other sensors. This notch was supposed to replace the fingerprint sensor under the screen last year, but that did not happen until the 13 Series came with the same old design.

But as it turns out, for the iPhone 14 series it really is A big decision is about to be made. According to rumors, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will most likely have two large and small holes on the front panel, one for the selfie camera and the other for the face and infrared sensors. Obviously, some users do not like this design because they do not want to have two holes on the screen of their phone, but whatever it is, this design is more like a big notch on the screen.

One of the things This is exactly the design that makes the distance between the standard and the Pro model so great. This is something we did not see in the previous three generations and all three or four models had the same design, but this year this section has been added to the differences between the two models because the two standard models and Max will most likely be available with the same design as before. .

Probably USB-C only for Pro models

BingMag.com The <b>beginning</b> of a <b>transformation;</b> The <b>difference</b> <b>between</b> <b>iPhone</b> 14 and 14 <b>Pro</b> will be <b>more</b> <b>than</b> ever

Resists the built-in USB-C port for your phones. Repeatedly, users have protested to the US company in various ways, prompting the European Union to make changes to its policy, but to no avail, with Apple still insisting on using Lightning ports on its handsets. But it is possible that only the Pro and Max models of the iPhone 14 series will be equipped with a USB-C port.

If Apple had done so, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro would have been able to read faster. Charge more, especially since data transfer will be faster, because the Lightning port does not have a higher data transfer speed compared to USB-C, and in a word, Apple will do so. It will be a great favor to its users. However, some iPhone users do not use their phones enough to exchange data via cable.

Hopefully, the standard and Max models will also have a USB-C port. Of course, if Apple is going to make a decision in this regard. However, based on the rumors and news that have been spread about this issue, it seems unlikely to happen because Apple only cares about the two models of Pro and Max Max of their phones. By doing so, Apple will be able to maintain its Lightning port and sell its current cables and chargers, as well as have two models with a USB-C port and benefit from the sale of related accessories. On the other hand, the European Union will give up a little and the users will be a little more satisfied.

Currently, the iPhone 13 supports a 20-watt charger, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most powerful model in the series. , Also supports 27-watt chargers, while Apple has a 20-watt charger on the market. But the company is said to be working on a 35-watt charger with gallium nitrate technology, which makes the charger smaller, faster and cooler at the same time. We do not know if this charger will be exclusively for the Pro and Pro Max models, but it is unlikely that Apple will be so generous.

The A16 Pro chip for the Pro models

Some time ago We heard that Apple wants to use the same A15 chip used in the iPhone 13 series for the iPhone 14 and 14 Max. But later this news was denied and we found out that A16 is used in these phones, but for both Pro and Pro Max models, A16 Pro is considered.

Let us explain Apple's policy in this regard. . Apple has equipped the iPhone 13 and 13 mini with the A15. Extremely powerful chips that are unparalleled in the world of mobile processors in terms of speed and raw processing power. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max use exactly the same chip, but we see that they perform better in tests and benchmarks than their two smaller brothers. Now the question arises, what is the story?

The point is that Apple has upgraded the A15 graphics used in both the Pro and Pro Max models and used 5 cores in it, while for Both mini and standard models, the desired graphics are 4 cores. Apple has preferred to remain silent on this issue for all these years, and its users do not pay much attention to these issues as long as the phone is from the Apple brand.

Max and Pro and Pro Max There will be a difference in processing and graphics, with the difference that this difference is both more and more noticeable and that in terms of naming, the two processors are different from each other. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will reportedly be equipped with the new TSMC A16 Pro chip based on 4nm lithography. This is while the A16 is used for both standard and Max models. The chip is actually the same as the A15, but Apple wanted to change the name to bring the minds to the point where it changed.

In addition, two standard phones and a Max with 6GB of RAM instead They use the 4GB used in both the current standard and mini models, but instead their technology remains LPDDR4X. On the other hand, the Pro and Pro Max models apparently use the same amount of RAM but with LPDDR5 technology, which is said to be 30% more efficient and 50% faster. Of course, we have heard in some news agencies that the amount of RAM in both Pro and Max Max models will be 8 GB, and in both standard and Max models, it will reach 6 GB. Whatever it is, there will definitely be a difference; What technology or how much memory.

  • Apple may reuse the A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 14 called the A16

48-megapixel main camera

BingMag.com The <b>beginning</b> of a <b>transformation;</b> The <b>difference</b> <b>between</b> <b>iPhone</b> 14 and 14 <b>Pro</b> will be <b>more</b> <b>than</b> ever

iPhones have been using a 12-megapixel camera for several years in a row. Not only the main camera of these phones but also the ultra-wide, telephoto and even selfie camera has a large 12 megapixels and it is the specifications of the sensors that distinguish them from each other. For example, the aperture, the size of the sensors, the size of the pixels, and so on.

Because of the use of 12-megapixel cameras, Apple could not add 8K video to its phones. As a result, it has decided to equip both the Pro and Pro Max models with a 48-megapixel sensor for this year. The iPhone 13 Pro, with its 12-megapixel camera, is a unique phone in terms of photography and video recording, but more megapixels, although not necessarily a positive effect on image quality, gives users the freedom to make their own changes to the images. . One of the features that will be added to iPhones thanks to this large sensor is the ability to record 8K video, which is already available on many Android flagships. News from the camera 48 Not megapixels for the iPhone 14 Pro, and the US company will once again use the same sensor IMX703 used in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. If this news is true, the sensor will still be 12 megapixels with a sensor of 1.67 inches and a pixel size of 1.9 micrometers. It remains to be seen what software capabilities Apple will use to take full advantage of the sensor. The question is, is there any potential for a 12-megapixel camera that Apple did not use? Isn't it time to see a bigger sensor?

Finally, we should mention that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are apparently coming to market in a model with 2TB of internal storage. It seems like a possible rumor that if this is true, the camera of these two phones is 48 megapixels. Otherwise, with the same 12-megapixel camera, 1TB of internal storage will work.

All the differences between the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro

If we assume that Apple wants the same current changes between Keep the two standard and Pro models in the 14 series, which will definitely be the same in the least case, we should expect to see the 120Hz promotion display in both Pro and Pro Max models, which makes scrolling and navigating the menus Extraordinarily softer and smoother handsets. Also, the two more expensive models will have a telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, while the standard and Max models will have to rely on digital zoom. The differences are many, so you can generally see the definite and possible changes in the following sections:

  • more powerful processor and graphics in the Pro model
  • Better, higher quality cameras Pro model
  • LiDAR sensor in Pro model
  • more RAM (or better technology) in Pro model
  • Higher quality display with 120Hz refresh rate in Pro model
  • Possibility of using USB-C port in two Pro models
  • more beautiful and modern design without notch and with hole

Definitely all this much more difference This is what we expected to see between the standard and Pro models of the iPhone 14, but it seems that Apple has decided to really equip its Pro product with incredibly better features at the Pro level so that users who are looking for products with better capabilities will find it easier to buy. Have. However, it seems that the cost of these products will be significantly higher than the previous generation.

Apple needs to convince users that it really makes more sense to buy two models, Pro and Pro Max, to do a series of things. Especially now that a 6.7-inch Max model has been added, which could challenge the iPhone 14 Pro Max in terms of purchase value. Apple has to do something that when the user asks, "Why do I need the Pro?" Get many answers. Users will now have many answers to this question, so it remains to be seen what decision they will make in the end.

Source: Tom's Guide

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