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With the beginning of a different mission, human activities in Earth orbit entered a new era

BingMag.com With the <b>beginning</b> of a <b>different</b> <b>mission,</b> <b>human</b> <b>activities</b> in <b>Earth</b> <b>orbit</b> <b>entered</b> a <b>new</b> era

The SpaceX spacecraft joined the International Space Station on its first fully manned mission, bringing human-orbiting activity into a new era that promises a future without orbit. In the presence of governments.

A few hours ago, the astronauts on the International Space Station's first completely private mission joined the orbital laboratory to begin their eight-day stay, which is full of futuristic science activities. The Dragon SpaceX capsule carrying four X-1 astronauts joined the International Space Station at 08:29 (16:59 Tehran time) and ended its separate orbital motion toward it.

orbit in Dragon, or at least it was memorable," SpaceX flight controllers told crew as they landed.

Commander Michael Lpez-Alegra "We are happy to be here, even if we are a little late," said the X-1 mission and the former NASA astronaut who joined the station along with the other crew on board the Dragon Endeavor SpaceX manned capsule. I'm looking forward to the events ahead. "

BingMag.com With the <b>beginning</b> of a <b>different</b> <b>mission,</b> <b>human</b> <b>activities</b> in <b>Earth</b> <b>orbit</b> <b>entered</b> a <b>new</b> era

manned spacecraft Dragon on Ax-1 mission during solar eclipse
Credit: NASA

X-1, organized by Houston-based Axiom Space, the first all-private manned mission It is considered a space station. In addition to Lopez-Algeria, the X-1 crew includes "Larry Connor", "Mark Pathy" and "Eytan Stibbe", each reportedly worth about $ 55 million. They paid for the trip.

As the X-1 crew approached, the space station's cameras captured stunning views of the spacecraft during solar orbit as well as half a mile away.

ago Since then, space tourists have gone to the International Space Station, but their mission has never been this way. All of the previous paying customers went to the station on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, commanded by astronauts from the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos). As astronauts, Stieb opposes and emphasizes that the three have been trained hard for the mission and will do meaningful scientific work during their eight days on the International Space Station. Lopez-Allegria insisted after the start of his space trip that the crew was still smiling since taking off.

  • Experiments on the first completely private mission To the space station
BingMag.com With the <b>beginning</b> of a <b>different</b> <b>mission,</b> <b>human</b> <b>activities</b> in <b>Earth</b> <b>orbit</b> <b>entered</b> a <b>new</b> era

Dragon Indoor manned capsule on Ax-1 mission and crescent moon
Credit: NASA

The crew of this mission spent their first day in space and Dragon capsule to adapt to a weightless environment and of course an exciting experience They also had. "I tried to eat a cake this morning, but it didn't work out as expected," Connor said. This time, as usual, the shutters between the Dragon Capsule and the International Space Station opened at 10:13 a.m. Eastern Time (18:43 Tehran time), about 2 hours after the connection.

If all Things are going according to plan, X-1 will be just the beginning for Axium Space. The company has booked several more manned flights to the International Space Station from SpaceX and plans to begin sending modules to the Earth orbit laboratory in late 2024. These modules will eventually be detached from the International Space Station and transformed into a free commercial space station in low-Earth orbit (LEO). br>> Credit: Axiom Space

Source: Space

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