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Bates unveiled the $ 200 Airbus Fit Pro

BingMag.com Bates unveiled the $ 200 Airbus Fit Pro

Bates today unveiled its latest wireless headphones called the Fit Pro with great features and a relatively reasonable price of $ 200. Bates is one of the best and most popular brands active in the field of headphone and handsfree production, which has launched many products in recent years. Products that are available in different price ranges and all of them are really great quality and bring a pleasant experience for users.

Peru unveiled. Headphones that can be considered something between Bates's Studio Buds and PowerBits and PowerBats Pro, all of which are among the best wireless headphones in their price range.

But this new product, the Fit Pro as a wireless headphone $ 200 has great features, the best of which are active noise cancellation. A feature that allows your voice to reach your audience in the best possible way during conversations because all the surrounding noise is completely neutralized. IPX4 waterproof and perspiration feature can also be mentioned as one of the good features of Fit Pro, which makes this product resistant to ear sweat or water droplets.

Powerful battery is another feature. This is a good product. It is said that the user can listen to music continuously for 7 hours, which if we add the charge of the holding case, this amount will increase to 30 hours, which is quite suitable for a $ 200 headphone./p>

A noteworthy thing about the design of this Airbus is its shapely series. By shape, we mean the same series that make the Fit Pro sit completely inside the ear and not come out during exercise or training. As you can see in the video below, these series are very soft and do not irritate the ears at all. At the same time, you will be relieved that they do not fall out of your ear during heavy training.

Although this product has similarities to Studio Buds, unlike these headphones, the Fit Pro uses the H1 chip. As a result, it supports a range of features such as one-step pairing, automatic syncing with other devices via iCloud, automatic switching between Apple devices, and more. There is also a dynamic head-tracking feature to take advantage of the surround sound feature in this product. But Bates went a step further and added skin recognition to its product, which is currently only available in 3rd generation AirPads. So in terms of functionality, we are on the side of a very rich and well-equipped product.

But as mentioned, one of the good features of Bates' new headphones is active noise cancellation. As it turns out, the quality of this feature in these headphones is quite similar to what is available in the AirPads Pro, so we should expect great performance from it. Also, if the active noise canceling and transparency modes are disabled, it still adjusts the audio performance to suit your ear mode using Apple's adaptive equalizer.

Adjusts the Bates Fit Pro in black , White, gray, black and pink will hit the market. Pre-purchase of this product starts today and we can officially access it on November 5 (another 3 days, November 5). However, according to the author of the source website, these headphones have been under review by him for several days. During this time, Fit Pro proved that it can be one of the best and most attractive wireless headphones on the market in the desired price range.

Source: The Verge

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