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9 attractive and practical tricks for using WhatsApp Web

BingMag.com 9 <b>attractive</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>tricks</b> for <b>using</b> <b>WhatsApp</b> Web

If you are one of those people who do most of your work with laptops and computers, you must understand the necessity and ease of using the Web version of WhatsApp messengers. . using a mobile phone while working with a laptop can distract you On the other hand, it is much easier to use the Web version to send some documents and files that are inside the laptop. All of this has made it necessary to use this version to increase productivity. However, there are various ways and tricks to use the WhatsApp Web version more easily and efficiently. In this article, we are going to introduce some WhatsApp Web tricks.

1. using WhatsApp Shortcuts

In order to get the most out of WhatsApp Web version, you need to learn some keyboard shortcuts better. using these keys will help you get things done much faster and easier.

Here is a list of shortcut keys in the WhatsApp Web environment:

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U: Mark unread

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M: Mute

Ctrl + Alt + E: Archive chat

Ctrl + Alt + Backspace: Delete chat

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P: Pin chat

Ctrl + Alt +/(forward slash): Search

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F: Search in the same chat

Ctrl + Alt + N: New chat page

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N: Create new group

Ctrl + Alt + P: Profile page and about you

Ctrl + Alt +, (comma): Settings

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2. Typing and searching for emojis using the keyboard

Chatting and sending messages is not complete without the use of emojis and emoticons. These emoticons are really an important part of the process of trying to express emotions through words and help us in this regard. But if you've been a user of the low-end version or the WhatsApp Windows app, you know how difficult and tedious it is to switch hands from keyboard to mouse to send an emoji. You have to click on the emojis section with the mouse and then find and send the emoticon you want. Fortunately, there are simpler tricks and tricks to do this, which we will discuss in the rest of this article about WhatsApp Web Tricks.

BingMag.com 9 <b>attractive</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>tricks</b> for <b>using</b> <b>WhatsApp</b> Web/p>

While you're still typing your message with the keyboard, all you have to do is type: (colon) along with the first 2 letters of the emoji name you want to display a list of related emojis. Of course, remember, of course, you have to type the first 2 letters of the emoji name in English. For example, in the image below, we tried to list the related emojis by writing the first letters of the word thumb (thumb).

After the list of these emoticons was displayed to you, you can Navigate to them using the keyboard directions and select the option you want. Finally, by pressing the Enter key, your selection is accepted and sent.

BingMag.com 9 <b>attractive</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>tricks</b> for <b>using</b> <b>WhatsApp</b> Web

In addition, You can access emojis, GIFs and stickers by pressing Shift + Tab. To select between these 3 options, you must press the Shift + Tab buttons again. You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to choose between the options in each list.

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3. Automatically convert letters to emoticons

To use some emojis, you do not need to enter the combination: (colon) and emoji name. Another feature of the WhatsApp Web version is that it automatically converts old and classic text letters and emoticons to today's emojis. From this link you can read a useful list of these classic emoticons and how to write them.

BingMag.com 9 <b>attractive</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>tricks</b> for <b>using</b> <b>WhatsApp</b> Web

These emojis may be a little difficult and time consuming at first, but if you practice for a longer period of time, they will undoubtedly have a huge impact on how fast you work in WhatsApp.

However, auto-convert letters to Emoticons and emojis can sometimes be very annoying. But you do not need to worry about this, because there is a way to disable this feature. All you have to do is use WhatsApp Emoticon Preserver.

  • Install Tampermonkey software; A userscript management software that lets you control the activation and deactivation of scripts on different browsers.
  • Log in to WhatsApp Emoticon Preserver.
  • Click the blue Install button
  • Now reload the WhatsApp webpage/tab.

Remember, emojis will still be displayed on your screen after you do this, but The recipient of the message will receive them in plain text.

4. using multiple WhatsApp accounts on one computer

Many of you may have multiple SIM cards and therefore multiple user accounts Have WhatsApp. As you probably know, you can not open multiple tabs in your browser and enter a separate account in each. One of the most useful WhatsApp Web tricks is this.

BingMag.com 9 <b>attractive</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>tricks</b> for <b>using</b> <b>WhatsApp</b> Web

The best way to use multiple accounts using WhatsApp on the Web on a laptop is to use a separate browser or secure Incognito pages. This way you can use more than one account at a time. So, if you are logged in to your WhatsApp account using Google Chrome browser, it is better to open a page in Incognito mode and log in to another new account on that page. Another recommendation is to use other alternative browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or..

However, keep in mind that on Incognito pages you can only log in to your WhatsApp account for one hour. Stay logged in. Because after 1 hour, you will be automatically logged out and you will have to log in again.

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5. Read messages without a blue tick

As long as you have a blue tick enabled, your audience can see the exact time of reading messages on your WhatsApp. If you want to disable this feature, you can turn it off on your mobile phone so that your contact does not receive a reading receipt (blue tick). However, there is an interesting trick in WhatsApp on the Web to do this.

BingMag.com 9 <b>attractive</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>tricks</b> for <b>using</b> <b>WhatsApp</b> Web

To be able to send reading receipts to your contact and read his messages without the blues ticking, you can use these tasks and WhatsApp Web trick:

1- Open the chat page in the WhatsApp Web window

2. Open another window. Zoom out so you can still watch the WhatsApp chat page in the background (or place them side by side so that both are fully visible).

3- New window button ( New Window) Click and hold the mouse pointer there. This step is absolutely critical because your computer thinks you are working on another window.

4. Meanwhile, messages are loaded in your WhatsApp chat window and you can read them without reading them. Marked, read. In this case, the messages will be accompanied by 2 gray ticks. Because your account is online and the messages have been received, but WhatsApp assumes that you have not read them yet.

You can re-click the WhatsApp chat page window in the browser to make the clicks blue immediately.

This method is easy to use, but it works well. But it also has its limitations. One of the main limitations is that you can only read the content of one chat at a time. However, you may not always need this trick on a daily basis and only need to do so on certain occasions.

6. Use the WAToolkit plugin to preview messages

BingMag.com 9 <b>attractive</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>tricks</b> for <b>using</b> <b>WhatsApp</b> Web

  • Background notifications: When you receive a new message in WhatsApp software, you will no longer need to go back to your WhatsApp page/tab/window to read that message. The WAToolkit button in the browser toolbar shows you how many unread messages you have. Just hover the mouse pointer over this icon to read a preview of the received messages. By doing this, you can read incoming messages without sending blue dots.
  • Full-width bubbles: By default, message bubbles in WhatsApp are not full-width. This is why you see relatively longer messages in multiple lines (even if they fit in a full, longer line the size of your computer screen). The WAToolkit plug-in fixes this problem and displays WhatsApp messages in full-length lines. So every line It gets longer and the number of message lines decreases. To download the WAToolkit plugin for Google Chrome browser, you can use the following link.

7. Activate the dark mode in the WhatsApp Web version

WhatsApp Web version was unveiled to the public, using this feature for a very long time was like a secret. You must have manipulated your browser code to enable this mode. But today you do not need to do that anymore, because you can enable or disable the dark mode through the settings section. To enable this feature, use the following path:

BingMag.com 9 <b>attractive</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>tricks</b> for <b>using</b> <b>WhatsApp</b> Web

1. Click on the 3 vertical dots at the top of the screen to open the menu

2. Click on Settings.

3. Click on Themes.

4. Select the Dark option.

5. Click OK.

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8- Changing the background of conversations

One One of the tricks of WhatsApp Web is changing the page and the environment of chats and conversations. If you want to give the best color and glaze to the environment of this messenger and design it to your liking, you have to change the color or the background image (Wallpaper). You can even choose the background design according to your taste. This is very easy and simple to do.

BingMag.com 9 <b>attractive</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>tricks</b> for <b>using</b> <b>WhatsApp</b> Web

1. After downloading WhatsApp Web and running it, click on the 3 vertical dots at the top of the page to open the menu.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Click Chat Wallpaper.

4. Choose a color.

5. You can also uncheck the Add WhatsApp Doodles option and delete them.

9. WhatsApp Messages Transform

It must have happened that in a message you want to put more emphasis on one word. using the ability to bold words in software environments such as Microsoft Word is not difficult. Doing this as one of the tricks of WhatsApp Web is quite simple. There are several ways you can change the shape of messages and words in WhatsApp:

Bold text: To do this, put an asterisk (*) on either side of the text that Set it to Bold.

Italicize the text: To do this, place a hyphen (_) on either side of the text you want to make it Italic.

Line On the text: To do this, place a character (~) on either side of the text on which you want the line to be drawn.

Letters with spaces: If you want to create more space between the letters of each word, you can Enter 3 characters ("`) before and after the desired part of the text.

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