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The astronauts of the Crow-2 SpaceX mission are preparing to return to Earth

BingMag.com The astronauts of the Crow-2 SpaceX mission are preparing to return to Earth

While astronauts were originally scheduled to land from the International Space Station, repeated delays have prompted NASA to change its mission schedule. And now the first astronauts on the Crow-2 mission stationed at the station will return to Earth. 20:35 Tehran time) detaches from the International Space Station and lands on the Florida coast on November 8 (November 17) at 07:14 AM Eastern Time Zone (14:44 Tehran time).

With the return of the Crow-2 Dragon SpaceX capsule, the 199-day mission of NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur with Aki Hoshide astronauts (Thomas Pesquet) The European Space Agency astronaut ends up on the space station.

In addition to the astronauts, the SpaceX 240 kg spacecraft Returns scientific instruments and experiments to Earth. The Dragon capsule, named in honor of one of the space shuttles, named "Endeavor", will be disassembled automatically, followed by a rotation maneuver around the station to photograph it.

At the end of the maneuver, the Dragon manned capsule prepares to land in one of seven possible landing areas in the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. Prior to the return of Crow-2, and taking into account weather conditions and recovery operations, NASA and SpaceX teams will select one of the seven landing areas, one as the main and one as the backup. NASA and SpaceX will also have another support opportunity on November 8 if weather conditions are not conducive to initial planning.

The Crow-3 mission was previously scheduled to be launched first, Then the Crow-2 mission returned, but several delays in the mission due to weather conditions and then a medical problem on one of the crews prompted NASA to change the schedule of the two missions. The Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center's 39A launch complex is currently scheduled for 21:03 Eastern Time Zone on Wednesday, November 10 (Thursday, November 19 at 04:33 in Iran) to join the International Space Station about a day later. The Cru-2, which reached the space station after passing through a hazard, is the second operational mission of six NASA-SpaceX joint manned missions and is part of the space agency's commercial manned program.

Credit: NASA

Source: SciTechDaily

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