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Artificial intelligence challenged physicists!

BingMag.com <b>Artificial</b> <b>intelligence</b> <b>challenged</b> physicists!

Just take a look at physics books, formulas are lined up one after another explaining how things spin, move, slide and stop. In fact, these formulas describe things that can be seen, but behind the curtain of each one, there is a set of factors that cannot be understood immediately and at a glance! In this regard, it might be interesting for you to know that a program based on Artificial intelligence has recently been developed by researchers at Columbia University, which apparently follows alternative physics at will!

Artificial intelligence in its own style It describes physical phenomena!

BingMag.com <b>Artificial</b> <b>intelligence</b> <b>challenged</b> physicists!

In general, during experiments conducted on Artificial intelligence, researchers found that By showing videos of Earth's physical phenomena to this smart app, the system doesn't recreate the current variables that physicists use to explain such phenomena; Instead, it uses new variables to explain what was shown.

Of course, this does not mean that our current physics models are incomplete or that there are more suitable models to explain the world around us; Because, for example, Einstein's laws or any other laws have been proven to the scientific community with mathematics and extremely strong principles. But at the same time, you should note that these rules are based on previous theories and everything that was written centuries ago. Even today, despite new technologies in imaging black holes or identifying distant galaxies, these laws (of course, the world of quantum mechanics has a completely different story and is not the subject of our current discussion!) have been and still are.

This new program based on Artificial intelligence is able to explain a few phenomena using new variables; Therefore, it cannot be expected in any way to provide new physics to explain the world or to contribute to the scientific community as a smarter Einstein.

Can Artificial intelligence provide new physics to the world of science?

Following the previous discussion, perhaps you have also wondered if in the future we meet intelligent space aliens, do they understand the laws of physics in the same way that we do, or is it possible to change the world to Described in another way? This story is just like what Artificial intelligence presents us in this research! In fact, in the experiments of this research group, the number of variables describing a phenomenon was the same every time the Artificial intelligence was restarted, but the specific variables were different each time; Therefore, it can be concluded that there are alternative procedures to describe the world and it is possible that our methods are not the most complete and best ways to describe the world!

There are also other areas for further exploration in this research, such Example: Can AI really discover new variables? In such a case, this mysterious creature can help us to explain new and complex phenomena that we currently do not have the necessary theoretical understanding about. For example, every day we are faced with new data from the Large Hadron Collider that may point to new physics! In such a case, there may be other laws that we have lost simply due to the lack of access to the necessary variables.

Perhaps in the future, Artificial intelligence will be able to provide us with variables that are far from the eyes in various phenomena. Remind and help us make new rules for the world!

A game with Artificial intelligence to explain swinging pendulums!

But you may also wonder how Artificial intelligence works. Can it provide new physics? In order to answer this question, the Columbia University research team fed the program (artificial intelligence) certain videos of phenomena they already understood and asked the system just one simple question: the minimum fundamental variables needed to explain what What is happening, how much is it?

The first video showed two swinging pendulums, which included four state variables, namely two angles and two angular velocities; After showing this video to the system, the Artificial intelligence checked the video and the question for several hours and then gave its answer: 4.7 variables are needed to explain this phenomenon!

This number is equal to It's close enough to the four variables we know, but it still doesn't explain what the AI thinks about what those variables are. So the team tried to match the known variables with the ones the AI had chosen. During this matching, it was found that two of these variables are in agreement with the angles of the pendulums, but the other two variables remained a mystery! However, AI could provide accurate predictions about what will happen to this phenomenon in the future; Therefore, the researchers realized that Artificial intelligence is probably involved in variables and parameters that are not completely understandable for them!

The response of Artificial intelligence to the minimum fundamental variables to describe the two swinging pendulums was 4.7 variables, which It's close enough to the four variables we know. Also, this intelligent system can make accurate predictions about the future of swinging pendulums!

One of the researchers of this project named Boyuan Chen, who is now an assistant professor at Duke University, says : Our team tried to match other variables or anything we thought was related to this phenomenon, such as angular and linear velocities, kinetic and potential energy, and various combinations of quantities that we know. But nothing seemed to match the AI variables perfectly! So it looks like we still don't understand the mathematical language of AI!

After the first video, the research team went on to demonstrate other aspects of AI. The first was a video of an arm dancing in the air by wind, which the AI gave eight variables in response to its minimal fundamental variables. Also, this intelligent system presented eight variables after watching the lava lamp movie and introduced 24 variables in response to the clip of flames returning to earth!

BingMag.com <b>Artificial</b> <b>intelligence</b> <b>challenged</b> physicists!

Lava lamp and minimum variables of this system

Lava lamp is made of a special mixture of colored wax in Formed inside a glass container that is placed on a base with an incandescent bulb; By applying the heat of the lamp to the mixture, a temporary decrease in wax density and surface tension is created, and as a result, the heated wax rises through the liquid, cools, and falls to the bottom of the container. Then this cycle is repeated by heating the mixture.

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Last words

Such a research is truly amazing because the Artificial intelligence algorithm without any knowledge of the physics of phenomena and only By observing the dynamics of the problem, it identifies the state variables in that phenomenon. As a result, one can hope that in the future, Artificial intelligence can potentially help us understand the underlying concepts of new things that we are not currently aware of!

You can read this research in its entirety in Nature Study Computational Science.

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