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Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry; Accompaniment for drivers

BingMag.com Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry; Accompaniment for drivers

Maybe cars once belonged to science fiction, but today, thanks to Artificial intelligence has made many dreams come true, and self-driving cars have rarely been found on the streets; An experience that marked a new era in the automotive industry. In 2017, Ilan Musk predicted that it would take ten years for these cars to become ubiquitous, and these days big brands such as Tesla, Benz, Bosch, Toyota, Volkswagen are trying to change people's experience by using this technology. .

Artificial intelligence uses data and machine learning algorithms to replicate and even improve human decisions. Using AI-based solutions increases product value, increases efficiency, and data show they can improve quality of life.

Intelligence Benefits Artificial in the automotive industry

Over the years, automotive industry experts have raised four important issues in the field of intelligence:

  • Automatic driving
  • Connecting cars to data sensors
  • Car Electricity
  • Shared Transport Service

These are the areas in which artificial intelligence plays a key role and has a growing trend. Artificial intelligence can improve the user experience, accelerate innovation, and revolutionize the entire vehicle production and maintenance cycle. It can also collect and process large amounts of information from cars and provide excellent automotive solutions based on them.

Intelligence Synthetic helps the automatic driver to identify objects around the vehicle well and at the right time and make better decisions. It will also play an important role in improving the maintenance process and identifying necessary repairs for cars.

Applications of artificial intelligence in cars

The use of artificial intelligence in cars occurs in several areas, which we will mention below:

Driver experience:

  • Learning and analyzing driving habits
  • reduce distracted driving
  • customer access
  • upgrade customer experience

Passenger experience:

  • upgrade customer experience
  • personalized access
  • In-car delivery

supply chain:

  • auto-routing
  • Automatic supply chain management decision making
  • Market volume forecast
  • Prediction and Reinsurance


  • Car assembly
  • Performance sensors to improve performance
  • Optimize the production chain
  • Use the robot for hard and risky work

Quality control:

  • Error detection with high accuracy
  • Constructor Monitor
  • Crack or Gap Detection <//>

Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Factories

Increased competition in the automotive industry, forcing manufacturers Has invested in better equipment and is looking for solutions that AI has put in place to increase the quality and efficiency of the production cycle. Artificial intelligence helps manufacturers speed up and monitor the workflow, quickly detect defects, and improve the quality control process.

Artificial intelligence can help equipment manufacturers reduce production costs and produce safer products with less error. Audi nowadays uses artificial intelligence to detect fine-grained metal sheets in a matter of seconds with the help of machine vision.

Artificial intelligence is on the way to production:

  • Computer vision to detect defects
  • Quality control of progress and management of waste reduction process
  • Proper maintenance of equipment
  • Assist in the design phase to produce innovative goods and discover algorithms to optimize resource utilization and thus create more efficient models.
  • Simplified Localization and Mapping Technology (SLAM) is a technology that helps robots assemble and move equipment to build vehicles. The use of this technology can increase workers' productivity by up to 20%. class="ql-direction-rtl ql-align-right"> One of the most important parts in the use of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry, refers to the benefits of this technology for the driver and the car owner, some of which are mentioned below:

    Improve driving experience

    Artificial intelligence can drive perfectly these days And help manufacturers build more efficient cars. Automotive industry leaders are eager to use AI-enabled systems as an advantage in their products. Machine vision, natural language processing, and the robotic automation process are the technologies they use in machines to produce vehicles that ensure driver safety and operate without human intervention.

    Help the driver

    Using driver-assist technology, in fact only a few We are one step away from fully automatic cars. In this technology, AI uses sensors to monitor blind spots, detect pedestrians, alert drivers and automatically respond in times of danger.

    Driver Monitoring

    AI-based software in automated machines is capable of detecting the presence of a driver in a vehicle, and It can adjust the seat, mirrors and even the temperature as the occupant enters the car. The position of the head and the position of the eyes help this software to check the driver's drowsiness and even wake him up. This technology even has the ability to adjust the airbag position in the event of an accident, to minimize driver injury.

    Proper maintenance of the car

    Artificial intelligence can give the necessary warnings to repair and take care of the car at any time by carefully examining it. With the help of these systems, you will be aware of the condition of the car at any time and the depreciation of the car will be reduced, and you will not face sudden costs due to multiple breakdowns.


    Evolution of efficient algorithms, high-performance hardware, and sensors that work with information enable artificial intelligence in the automotive industry

    provided. The reality is that automakers have to abandon traditional methods and invest in valuable software and information. From machine learning to natural language processing and machine vision, everything can be used in cars and can completely change the game in this industry.

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