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The Artemis 1 mission rocket is preparing for a fuel loading exercise

BingMag.com The <b>Artemis</b> 1 <b>mission</b> <b>rocket</b> is <b>preparing</b> for a <b>fuel</b> <b>loading</b> exercise

According to NASA, during the preparations for Artemis 1, the first rocket and spacecraft of NASA's Artemis program, it is expected that in February (February) a "wet clothes exercise" In recent weeks, in preparation for the Artemis I mission, which is expected to be launched in late 2022, engineers have conducted a series of surveys. On mission hardware to make sure they are ready for this key milestone in Artemis 1 preparation.

The mission team plans to conduct a "wet workout" in February after completing reviews in recent weeks (Wet Dress Rehearsal) during which liquid fuel is loaded into the rocket without starting the engines.

Artemis 1's mission is to send a drone into lunar orbit. The operation will be carried out using NASA's "Space Launch System" rocket system, which is flying for the first time, and the "Orion" spacecraft, which has made only one flight.

preparing for the launch pad requires a complex set of engineering activities to ensure that all parts are ready for the pressures of space flight. According to the agency, last month several inspections of the rocket launcher were carried out well. The arm is intended to provide astronauts with secure access to the SLS rocket during the mission, and also assists technicians during assembly and testing at the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) of the Kennedy Space Flight Center.

Now that everything is going according to plan, the team plans to take a second Perform a countdown test to demonstrate the correct operation of the ground software and ground throw sequencer, which monitors the launcher's health and condition on the platform. The goal is to make sure Orion and SLS respond to commands as expected during the simulated countdown.

NASA says spacecraft assembly after final countdown test and final review And the booster will start moving towards the launch pad near the assembly building to be ready to test wet clothes; However, no date has been set for the move.

Cover photo: SLS rocket in assembly building
Credit: Frank Michaux/NASA

Source: Space

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