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The Artemis 1 missile test again failed due to hydrogen leakage

NASA's third attempt to practice wet clothes The first Artemis mission rocket was halted due to a hydrogen leak.

due to previous problems, NASA has redesigned its wet laundry "Space Launch System", the third attempt to do so stopped on Thursday after detecting a liquid hydrogen leak during a tank filling operation.

"Mike "Everything we face is part of the mission process and is the lessons we learn," Mike Sarafin, Artemis's director of mission, told a news conference Friday. Wet Dress Rehearsal The missile is about 110 meters away from the launch pad, and the team performs all the pre-final stages through a countdown test. This exercise is performed to launch Artemis 1, which is an unmanned round-trip mission to the moon and the first step for humans to return to the moon by 2026.

  • Launch of Artemis 1 mission to the moon faces new delays

This wet suit exercise was originally scheduled for April 1, but due to technical problems caused by the rocket crew Fill with fuel, delayed. Then, before the next test date on April 11, the operations team discovered a faulty valve that corrected the operation and only planned to refuel the SLS main stage without the upper stage.

The third attempt on Thursday also failed miserably, as the operations team detected a liquid hydrogen leak at the junction of the service rig, which connects the movable launcher base to the main stage of the missile. Liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen are the two fuels used in this rocket.

By the time this wet clothing exercise was canceled, about 49% of the tank was filled with liquid oxygen and only 5% of the other tank was filled with liquid hydrogen. have been. The operations team then successfully cooled down the lines used to load fuel at the top stage, but was unable to direct any fuel to this stage due to a valve problem.

Despite these problems, the team The maker of the SLS missile insists that they will not give up. "I have no doubt that we will complete this test challenge and test the hardware, and the test data will take us to the next step," said Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, Artemis's startup manager. "We will launch the launcher and be ready to fly."/p>

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