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ARM unveils Immortalis graphics; Beam interception comes to phones

BingMag.com <b>ARM</b> <b>unveils</b> <b>Immortalis</b> <b>graphics;</b> <b>Beam</b> <b>interception</b> <b>comes</b> to phones

ARM Company unveiled a new graphic called Immortalis at its recent event, thanks to which the attractive and popular Beam tracking feature will come to flagship phones./p>

The British company ARM, which Nvidia had previously planned to buy but failed to do so, unveiled its new core technology, which includes the Cortex-X3 as a powerful core, the Cortex-A715 and the Cortex- The A510 is refreshed, which of course is the case with CPUs right now, but the new case is said to be an improved version.

These new processing cores are all that ARM has in store for the next year. Seen and expected to perform very well. In the current generation, some attribute CPU overheating to ARM cores. So we hope this year the situation is better than before.

Under equal conditions, according to ARM, the graphics power of the new cores will be 28% higher than the previous generation. This means that if we compare one Cortex-X2 kernel, three Cortex-A710 kernels and four Cortex-A510 kernels with the same number and order of kernels but of the new type, the graphics power of the new combination will be 28% more. The dramatic increase in ARM graphics power is also thanks to a new technology that the company has used in its construction. ARM calls it the Immortalis-G715, which differs from the company's previous policy on naming its graphics. In the initial reviews, this new graphic not only showed significantly more powerful and less consuming than before, but also supports the world's latest gaming capabilities such as light Beam interception, thus becoming the first mobile graphics produced by ARM, which is an attractive and popular technology for computers. Powerful.

Of course, Samsung, in collaboration with AMD, has already introduced light Beam tracking technology to the Exynos 2200, but the chip's performance is so poor in stability that anyone even thinks about it. does not. The situation is expected to improve last year, though. Flagship and 34% better performance than laptops equipped with ARM chips

  • ARM Cortex-A715: With a focus on optimal processing power, with 20% less power consumption and 5% more power compared to the Cortex-A710, this core Almost as powerful as the Cortex-X1.
  • ARM Cortex-A510 Refresh: An improved version of the A510 that consumes 5% less power than before.
  • It seems that in early 2023 we should see phones that use these cores in their chips. phones such as the Galaxy S23, Xiaomi 13 and are among the representatives that will be equipped with chips with these cores. It should be noted that the arrangement of the cores may change in the chips; Qualcomm recently announced that it wants to produce the 2nd generation Snapdragon 8 with a 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 layout, which equates to a significant increase in processing power as it is reduced from a low-power core to a relatively powerful core. Has been.

    Source: PhoneArena

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