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Apple will surrender to the European Union next week; USB-C becomes mandatory

BingMag.com <b>Apple</b> will <b>surrender</b> to the <b>European</b> <b>Union</b> <b>next</b> <b>week;</b> <b>USB-C</b> <b>becomes</b> mandatory

It looks like next week the European Union is set to make its final decision on making the USB-C port mandatory as a charger port on Export all eligible products to put Apple on the brink of a major failure. The number of members of this great ecosystem is increasing every day. Users now choose Apple as the main brand of their electronic products for various reasons, and the American company is making them more dependent on its ecosystem every day. So when you enter it, you are forced to buy a device that is not your choice.

One of the things that has a direct impact on the closure of the Apple ecosystem is the Lightning port. This charger port is used only in Apple products and makes the users of the American company go to those who support this port when buying a charger or handsfree. Of course, there is no particular problem with this charger port; Users can use the same port and cable to charge their iPhone at an acceptable speed or transfer their data. The main problem is that Apple is resisting to equip its phones with better and faster ports.

Of course, the charger port is not the only good feature that Apple has deprived its users of. High-refresh display, modern and beautiful design, fast charger and are among other features that Apple does not add to its phones for various reasons. Unfortunately, some users of this company choose iPhones without any special justification, even if they can not use them well. Apple, however, sees no reason to want to add all the good features to its handsets at once.

BingMag.com <b>Apple</b> will <b>surrender</b> to the <b>European</b> <b>Union</b> <b>next</b> <b>week;</b> <b>USB-C</b> <b>becomes</b> mandatory

But this time the situation is different. Apparently, when the European Union saw that users were not protesting against Apple, it decided to think about them and force Apple to use the USB-C port instead of Lightning in its products. Of course, the new law is not just for Apple and covers all electronics companies, but because it's only Apple that always dances to its own instrument, it has received more attention.

Now this The new EU law is finally expected to pass with 43 votes in favor and 2 against. The law requires companies to equip all their smart gadgets that can be charged via cable with a USB-C port, making USB-C a standard for all smart gadgets. Of course, Apple initially opposed the law and gave reasons for insisting on using the Lightning port, but the European Union apparently knew why the US company would not comply.

It will be officially approved tomorrow and companies must act accordingly. Of course, there are a number of ambiguities that need to be clarified. For example, we still do not know if laptops are part of the final version of this law. Because at first it was said that this rule is for all smart gadgets. Legislators are also said to want to give companies until 2025 to design their products in line with the law, but the European Commission and a number of other countries believe more time will be needed.

In general, only Apple should make the most of this opportunity, as other companies such as Google, Samsung and are already launching their rechargeable gadgets with a USB-C port. Even Apple launches the iPad Pro, Mac, and iPad Air with this port, but resists equipping iPhones.

Source: Android Authority

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