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Apple Watch Series 8 will probably be introduced in 3 sizes

BingMag.com Apple Watch Series 8 will probably be introduced in 3 sizes

According to Ross Young, technology analyst, the Apple Watch 8 Series will be available in three sizes next year. He wrote in a post on his Twitter page that it would not be surprising if Apple introduced its smartwatches in 3 sizes next year. Yang did not elaborate on the three sizes, but said users welcome the larger display of the Apple Watch 8 Series. So next year, Apple's smartwatches are likely to be larger than their predecessors. Will be offered. Previous models of the Apple Watch were available in 38mm, 40mm, 42mm and 44mm sizes, which were accompanied by a narrower bezel and a larger screen size.

BingMag.com Apple Watch Series 8 will probably be introduced in 3 sizes

You must remember that Apple unveiled its new series of smartwatches on September 14 (September 23). The changes that Apple has made to the Apple Watch are more in line with the design language of the iPhone and iPad. That is, it has become a little flatter and at the same time more beautiful. The company claims that the Apple Watch 7 Series is equipped with the toughest protective glass in the world, which significantly increases the impact resistance and scratches. The main change in the design of the Apple Watch 7 Series can be considered in the display section and reducing the margins around the screen. Apple has reduced the margins to 1.7mm, making it 40 percent thinner than the previous generation, and also extending the screen to the edges has given the Apple Watch 7 Series a 20 percent larger display.

Apple claims This larger display allows you to read texts with 50% more text on a page so you don't need to scroll down. With the help of this bigger screen, the user interface buttons have now been made bigger so that they can be selected more easily. Finally, on the Apple Watch 7 Series, you can use the full keyboard to respond to notifications and type like a phone with this watch. It is interesting to know that Apple claims to increase the screen brightness in AOD mode by 70% to make the Apple Watch 7 Series look more like a classic watch than ever before. In addition, Apple has increased the number of watches available so that your watch does not become duplicate and you can constantly change its appearance.

BingMag.com Apple Watch Series 8 will probably be introduced in 3 sizes

The Apple Watch 7 Series has also improved significantly in terms of battery life. Thanks to Apple's new technology, its charging speed is 33% faster than the previous generation. According to Apple, this technology can charge 80% of the watch's battery capacity in 45 minutes. Crossing the hardware specs, the Apple Watch 7 Series takes its software power from the fully optimized watchOS 8 operating system and brings new capabilities to cyclists. 8 We hear in more than two sizes and it is not clear in which part of the Apple Watch Apple intends to increase. Although we are still waiting for the Apple Watch 7 Series to hit the market, there are many rumors about 2022 products in cyberspace. Apple Watch 8 Series can be available to athletes, climbers and other people with a more durable frame. They use this smartwatch in more difficult conditions. In addition, the addition of a temperature sensor and blood glucose control sensor for diabetics will not be unexpected on the Apple Watch 8 Series.

Source: MacRumors

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