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Apple Watch Series 7 was unveiled with a flat design and beautiful appearance

Apple unveiled its new Apple Watch 7 Series minutes before its new smartwatch. Products with a nice look and new features that, of course, are not very noticeable compared to the previous generation.

The changes that Apple has made in the Apple Watch are more in line with its integration with the design language of iPhone and iPad phones. That is, it has become a bit flatter and at the same time more beautiful.

Just like the previous generation, the Apple Watch 7 Series was produced in two models, but this time with sizes of 41 and 45 mm, compared to 40 and 44 mm. The last generation. So users will now have more space to work with new watches.

The biggest change Apple has made in this new watch comes from the case itself. What we no longer see is the curved design we have seen since the first Apple Watch. Of course, the main reason for this was that Apple at that time also marketed the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 with a relatively curved body, and in this regard, the design language of its products were similar to each other.

Rotary keys and side keys They have not changed much and remain in place, indicating that Apple has realized that it should not change what users want.

The Apple Watch 7 Series is inspired by new iPhones and iPads. Also, the iPhone 4 now has a new design language that is quite noticeable. As mentioned above, Apple's new smartwatch is now flatter but slightly curved so as not to irritate the skin of users' hands.

Not only the case itself is flat and angled, but also the Apple display. The 7 Series Watch has the same design. Thanks to this flat design, Apple was able to use the space available and install a larger display on the case. The new display is now 1.8 inches, and it will definitely be more enjoyable and comfortable to work with. You do not need to change it.

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