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The Apple Watch 7 Series is the same thickness as the 6 Series

BingMag.com The Apple Watch 7 Series is the same thickness as the 6 Series

Despite speculation about the thickness of the Apple Watch Series 7, it was revealed that the latest series of Apple smartwatches is the same thickness as their predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 6 have. The official specifications of the Apple Watch 7 Series, published on Apple's website, state that these watches are 10.7 mm thick, and this number is similar to the thickness of the Apple Watch Series 6.

41 and 45 mm Series 7 watches They also use the same thickness. Since Apple did not mention some of its features, such as the S7 processor, at the unveiling of its new series of smartwatches, rumors about the thickness of these smartwatches also surfaced until it was officially revealed today that the last two generations of Apple Watch have They are the same thickness.

BingMag.com The Apple Watch 7 Series is the same thickness as the 6 Series Renders of the Apple Watch 7 Series claimed that the new model of these watches was 1.7 mm thinner than the previous generation and Its total thickness is 9 mm. In other rumors, the Apple Watch 7 Series was announced to be thicker than the previous series. Following Apple's official unveiling, promotional images of Apple 7 Series watches have also fueled speculation about the thickness of the new models. It is now clear that none of these rumors are true.

Apple says that the Apple Watch 7 Series has smoother and rounder edges than the previous generation, but in general its dimensions are very similar to the 6 Series. . Just like the previous generation, the Apple Watch 7 Series is available in two models, but this time in 41 and 45 mm sizes. The previous generation, on the other hand, had sizes of 40 and 44 mm, respectively. So users will now have more space to work with new watches. The smaller 41mm Series 7 is also 1mm wider than the 40mm Series 6, but the 44mm and 45mm models are the same width.

Apple unveils new series of smartwatches September 14th . The changes that Apple has made to the Apple Watch are more in line with the design language of the iPhone and iPad. That is, it has become a little flatter and at the same time more beautiful. The company claims that the Apple Watch 7 Series is equipped with the toughest protective glass in the world, which significantly increases the impact resistance and scratches. The Apple Watch 7 Series is priced similarly to the next generation; Therefore, the 41mm WiFi-based version of the Apple Watch 7 will likely be priced at $ 399 and the cellular data version at $ 499.

BingMag.com The Apple Watch 7 Series is the same thickness as the 6 Series The rotary key and the associated side keys have not changed much and remain in place, indicating that Apple has realized that it should not change what users want. Inspired by the new iPhones and iPads, as well as the iPhone 4, the Apple Watch 7 Series now has a new design language that is quite noticeable. Apple says the new display has 40% narrower bezels compared to the previous generation, has been completely re-engineered and redesigned, and subsequently increased in size to 1.7 mm.

In terms of battery, the Apple Watch 7 Series There has been a significant improvement. Thanks to Apple's new technology, its charging speed is 33% faster than the previous generation. According to Apple, this technology can charge 80% of the watch's battery capacity in 45 minutes. Crossing hardware specifications, the Apple Watch 7 Series takes its software power from the fully optimized watchOS 8 operating system and brings new capabilities to cyclists.

In terms of software capabilities, the Apple Watch 7 Series is the same as the previous generation It has made good progress, but not as much as we expected. This product still uses an ECG, sleep monitor, blood oxygen saturation sensor, hand wash detection sensor, and handy reminders. The 38 mm or 40 mm strap of the 6 Series does not match the strap of the 41 mm Model 7 Series. But this problem will not be present in the larger 45 mm Series 7 model, because its width is similar to Apple 44 mm Series 6 watches.

Source: MacRumors

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