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Apple plans to introduce any new iPhone camera feature more than 3 years in advance

BingMag.com Apple plans to introduce any new iPhone camera feature more than 3 years in advance

Apple unveiled its new iPhones some time ago, which, despite countless similarities to the previous generation, had significant improvements in the camera segment. In fact, the company owes the continued success of the iPhone camera to its development team, which, according to Apple's chief camera officer, takes about three years to introduce each new feature.

Graham Townsend, chief executive officer In an interview with GQ magazine, Apple's camera hardware engineer said that the company's camera development team spends about three years before introducing any new features; Because that's what they spend on hardware.

He goes on to explain: "Well, for example, the sensor is detected at this time, and the A15 Bionic processor is present. This is when we start talking to John (John McCormack, Apple CEO of Camera Software Engineering) and anticipate the experiences we are looking forward to. "Obviously, when we designed ultra-wide-angle lenses, we went for macro images." How big the cameras are and how they protrude from the body.

McCormack, on the other hand, is in charge of behind-the-scenes activities. He was also present at the interview with GQ, describing the war between smartphone makers in the camera sector. On the walls of caves dates back to prehistoric times. And start photography. This is what McCormack points out. Even Kayan Derns, chief marketing officer for the iPhone, confirms that goal.

BingMag.com Apple plans to introduce any new iPhone camera feature more than 3 years in advance

He says that they are always thinking that if the user is not a professional photographer, but he loves photography, how can photography be made easy for him?

Signs of these thoughts can be seen when introducing the features of the iPhone 13 camera. He spoke of Apple's efforts to draw the attention of professional cameramen to the use of its new iPhone cameras, while at the same time trying to make ordinary users feel like Oscar-winning directors.

McCormack in another section "This is a great opportunity," he said, referring to the professional use of the iPhone camera. But he believes the most important thing is to see how a 15-year-old on the street works with the same technology.

Simplifying it to the point where it can be used by anyone and able to capture their own unique story is like winning the Holy Grail.

One example of this policy is Apple Camera Managers It can be seen in the new Cinematic Mode feature of iPhone 13. In this case, the focus can be shifted between the person in the scene and the person in the background. Thanks to the A15 Bionic chip, this mode can be used during or after filming.

Apple's camera development team puts a lot of pressure into improving the cameras every year

BingMag.com Apple plans to introduce any new iPhone camera feature more than 3 years in advance

Speaking of Cinematic Mode, it's worth mentioning McCormack's remarks about how this feature was developed, which is a step in the right direction. Describes the long process with very stormy roads; A process that, like any other profound change, takes time.

He says their team was not just looking for the depth of each frame, but also for something called temporary stability. Temporary stability, which may seem like a paradoxical combination, is the fact that Apple's camera development team makes sure there are no visual problems in the corners of the image and so on when moving between frames with moving subjects.

Every year Apple's development team is pushing hard to improve the cameras as well as add new features to the iPhone camera. Consider the iPhone 13, which, except for the smaller notch and the location of the lenses, does not change significantly from the previous generation, which means that Apple's only trump card is improved cameras and higher capacity batteries.

Motivating your team each year explains to them that they have been given significant responsibility. There are many reasons why people choose the iPhone, but the camera development team is proud to help them capture moments that may never be repeated.

He says they are never looking for the impossible. , But also ask the camera development team to give their best every year. Townsend claims that over the past 10 years, Apple has made great strides in the camera industry, but there is no rest for him and his team!

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